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    Latest netemp solution helped me...
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    How have you been able to dynamically update the list? Since he is creating his own store and model inside the component I feel like I have a lot of work ahead of me to convert this into something...
  3. I may just be doing this all wrong but I can get this to work on click but not on mouseover. I have a Tooltip that I want to load on mouseover ov a button in a toolbar:

    first the tooltip which is...
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    I'm attempting to use a conditional in an XTemplate that is receiving data from the store in which the string has a "+" symbol in it, I cannot get this to work properly by following the...
  5. thanks... I'm not gonna lie...I feel kind of dumb for missing that...
  6. I am currently writing an app where the client would like for a date field in a grid to be sorted ascending, however they would like null fields to show up at the end of the sort rather than the...
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    I'm having a serious performance issue with my app. I have about 200 rows and 10 columns in a grid and another grouping grid in a second tab. Rendering is super slow once the data is loaded into...
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    I solved the solution like this as I wanted to filter and unfilter per click in the tree...

    NovoPT.clearingFilters = false;
    NovoPT.checkedFilters = new Array();
    NovoPT.filterStore = {};...
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    I ended up doing all the filtering on the backend.
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    The form inside the region in question is being built on the backend with records from a database. Some are checkboxes and some are text fields. Could I somehow grab those values within an event...
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    I have an app that uses the Viewport. I am loading data into a grid from an external database through a JSON store. Is it possible to filter the grid locally from a form located in a different...
  12. Yeah... so I figured it out. All I needed was to render all the tabs in the layout onPageLoad by adding the configuration 'deferredRender: false' in the TabPanel object.

    BTW... EXT is by far...
  13. Hi all,

    I am currently developing a pretty standard web app that grabs JSON data from a db and places it in a grid that can be filtered. I'm stuck on a problem with showing detailed data from the...
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