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  1. is this really fixed???

    i have this issue in 4.1.1...
  2. Hi,

    the title is not very descreptive, i dont know how to find a good title for this, but a couple of images would do the trick :D


    in the after image you could se that the calendar...
  3. Fixed.

    using a made the trick!
  4. debugging the code i can see that the store doesnt use the api of the model at all...

    is there a workaround for this?
  5. Hi,

    i'm working in a small project and i want to use the, the thing is that i having some problems when i want to load some data.

    here is the model declaration.

  6. how about a mask after the
  7. Hi,

    i have a grid that doesn't have a bottom toolbar but after some actions and selections the toolbar must be displayed (yes, i didn't make the functional document)...

    is there anyway that i...
  8. Replies

    i have the rowIndex problem when i have empty groups, this way i make some changes in the code...
    here are the changes and the complete .js...

    367 - var leaf =...
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    i want to know if there's a way of setting a target for the form.

    i have an iframe in the page for downloading files, but i need to post some data before downloading the file.
    this way...
  10. works, like you expected to do?
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    just a little improvement.

    if(Ext.isDefined(this.plugins) && Ext.isArray(this.plugins)) {
    Ext.each(this.plugins, function(item, index, allItems) {
    if(item instanceof...
  12. i dont understand the question...

    i will use the handler option...
  13. i think that you must to do is an ajax.request('../main/system_functions.aspx?_i=projeOzetCol') and return the json formatted data... and put the columns: returnedData...

    that must to work......
  14. yes, i have readed the all 4 pages... :P

    thinking that maybe they have a solution, and nothing... :(
  15. if you want, you could read al this topic

    but you'll find out that the domquery...
  16. i guess the problem is this...

    valueField: 'countries_name', -> valueField: 'countries_id'

  17. according to XML Specification you are using namespaces in the XML, i dont know if the XMLReader is able to parse the XML namespaces, in which case the docs dont explain anything.

    i recommend that...
  18. if i understand your code your chebox column is a CheckboxSelectionModel, but maybe your talking about another column...

    if your talking about CheckboxSelectionModel you could use this but be...
  19. here you are...

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    you want to load a xml file located at client side???

    i dont know if that is possible, i think that for security reasons you couldnt...
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    did this works for you?
  22. no no...

    what you have is a string? maybe with a eval(string) is enough...
  23. i recomend that you look at this
  24. i dont read all you have write above, so i would post a comment in what i undertand by your thread title....

    have you read this?
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    you could use an XmlStore and in the url you set your server xml file... and thats it...
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