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  1. i used this easy solution (lastQuery = allQuery) find at this thread - there you can also find my code snipped
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    mybe this threat helps you
  3. Thanx for the solution - works perfekt here is my code snippet

    var searchProvince = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    fieldLabel: 'Province',
    id: 'province',
  4. I did analyze the error. But its not easy to post the error code because I its a kind of race condition.

    I try to describe it:
    in my html-file I include the ext-all-debug.js file und later...
  5. I have a very strange bug in my application since I use the new ext V 2.2.1. But only in the IE (testet with IE7).
    I see some elements from my page and get an JS-Error at line 16808...
  6. Hi pdchapin! I do not understand your post really, but sure you can have more than one fileupload in one form.
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    Works fine animal - here is my code:

    I think not all closing breakets are right, but as a prototype it is useful

    var fileUploadPhoto = {
    xtype: 'fileuploadfield',
  8. dsonet code works fine! thanx a lot. I use it the reset the fileupload alone (not over the form - reset function)
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    okay, but can I also change it with extjs/javascript on the fly, as workaround I use this code

    I gave the image-Tag a id = photoHtmlImgTag and do this:

    var photo =...
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    Hello everybody! I want to show an image in a form (in a tab Panel). AS a workaround I used a label with html
    var fileUploadPhotoHtml = {
    id: 'photoHtml',
    hidetitle:true, ...
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