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  1. I tested 5.0.1 release, 1 months ago nightly build, and latest nightly build and they are all failing

    The checkbox is showing up but doesn't take any of the...
  2. I tried to create a Fiddle from my app and still unable to reproduce there. I reduced the height by one pixel and that fixed the problem. One of my column is using xtype: draw and so I'm guessing...
  3. I just try with my own application with latest build and it's getting worst.

  4. In nightly build readme we can see the following as fixed ->
  5. We can reproduce easily with official Sencha Example at:

    You just need to scroll right side with a mouse wheel....
  6. The following example was provided via Sencha Support ticket #19666.

    To demonstrate an issue I need to run new which doesn't work without opening outside fiddle,...
  7. Problem described here:

    Mainly, in ViewModel we have couple of "kind" of binding:

    An application has global...
  8. I do not have any app.json under .sencha/package and what I describe works fine.

    You can see the existence of file(s) in the zip at:...
  9. Replies
    Look at this other thread for a Maven based solution:
  10. Well, as long Sencha Cmd is not supporting full lifecycle, like testing, and support SCM better, we will still need a DevOPS.

    Below is the Maven very simple pom.xml I'm using. It does the...
  11. Hi,

    I initially posted that issue in the community forum, but the community forum has a major issue where initial post starting a thread get lost most of the time, and doesn't shows up in my list...
  12. Extract from:!/api/

    bind( descriptor, callback, [scope], [options] ) :
  13. Extract from:!/api/

    This class is created to manage a direct bind. Both and return these objects from...
  14. Thanks for your consideration. Just to make sure it is clear, that behavior changed from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1 without any documentation changes. Also, each time I read the documentation my understanding is...
  15. Your workaround is working. However, my understanding is that it should not be needed. The code below receiving bad scope in afterrender is not using listener name but a direct function.

  16. Any progress on this?
  17. You should take a look at SmartClient.
  18. I had renamed app.js and do appropriate configuration change to app.json like:

    "js": [
    "path": "xyz.js",
    "bundle": true

    But each time I upgrade...
  19. I think they are not helping getting "new" customer with this and the fact that the Eclipse plug-in, really useful for newbies, are not accessible without major cost.Higher learning curve and higher...
  20. In Ext JS, it seems some of the api is not browser compatible with IE9.

    I get Object doesn't support property or method 'setLineDash'.

    Sprite.js?_dc=1412353940372, line 648 character...
  21. We had a regression when we moved to Ext JS 5.0.1. Old listener are receiving for scope the viewcontroller instead of the component. In particular, with menu.

    2 different developers in two...
  22. Code below is wrong, it try to optimize by doing "if (glyph != me.glyph)". However, the call never set me.glyph, so future call trying to set back the glyph to the initial value will be ignored.

  23. Any workaround available? How can I make clicking the vertical header do the same thing than click the header arrow? Do we have a config for that?

    The idea, is that the header arrow behavior is...
  24. Looks like a more recent nightly build fixed that:
  25. It seems the fix is to set:
    stopSelection: false for all column.Widget at that root level, not needed at the Component "widget" level.
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