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  1. I was able to remove the focus border with this variable in the file var/tab/Tab.scss

    $tab-inner-border-width-focus: 0px !default;
  2. Hi

    I had the same/similar problem. I found a workaround with an override. Maybe it also solves your problem.

    Here is the link to the post:...
  3. I needed a solution for this. So I dug deeper and created the following override that solves the problem for my application.

    The problem is that with ext-all-debug.js the visiblityMode of the...
  4. You are right the tooltip of the today button is using this format. Not a big deal for me but it could be a problem for others.

  5. The dateFormat in the filter config works fine and is used by extjs to format the date that is sent to the server.
    Tested with ext-

    For example:

    xtype: 'datecolumn',
  6. Sorry. You are right. It also takes the format of the filter config if there is any

    xtype: 'datecolumn',
    dataIndex: 'date',
    text: 'Date',
    format: 'Y-m-d',
    filter: {
  7. Thanks a lot. But sencha changed this in 5.0.2 (or 5.0.1, can't remember).
    The filter now sends the date in this format "12/31/2014"
  8. Hi

    Another approach you could try is with xclass.

    plugin: [{xclass:'Ext.ux.BoxReorderer'}]
  9. I found this difference.
    ext-all.js sets the style of the errorWrap div to 'visibility:hidden'.
    ext-all-debug.js hides the element with 'display: none;'


  10. This is now fixed. I tested it with and everything works fine in my test application. Thanks for the bug fix.
  11. Here are two pages that demonstrates the problem.

    ext-all-debug.js :

    Looks like one of the culprit...
  12. Hi

    Just figured out that this problem only occurs when the application uses ext-all.js or a sencha cmd build version. With ext-all-debug.js everything works fine. This problem still exists in...
  13. Ext version tested:
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 37

    The selectPath function of the Ext.tree.Panel no longer works in the latest nightly build of 5.0.2....
  14. Replies

    Does it work when you add a requires?

    requires: ['Ext.window.Toast'],
  15. Ext version tested:
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 36

    Testing one of the latest nightly build of 5.0.2 I discovered a bug with the dirty flag in grids. ...
  16. Hi

    One solution is to move the filters config to the store.
    This examples uses a selection binding instead of a reference:

    Or you add the filters...
  17. Hi

    I wrote a simple trigger based on this plugin for Ext JS 5.
    It's based on the gist from valio (

    Here is the source code and a short...
  18. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 36

    There is a bug in the download function of the Ext.draw.Container class. According to the documentation...
  19. Just noticed that a call to store.insert(0, newRecord) always adds the record at position 0 when the store is configured with remoteSort: true. It doesn't matter if the store is sorted or not.
  20. No. Still the same behaviour in 5.0.1. When the application erases a record with model.erase and the model is in an autoSync store it will call the proxy twice.

    As a workaround/solution you could...
  21. Hi

    One thing you can do is listen for the events the roweditor emits.
    edit: the user clicked on the update button
    canceledit: the user clicked on the cancel button
    beforeedit: before the...
  22. Hi

    Not sure if that is a bug in extjs. It's for sure a problem in the example. Looks like that store.insert(0, r) inserts the record at the position according to the sorters. If there are no...
  23. Replies

    You can use lookupReference in a View. When there is no ViewController you have to enable referenceHolder manually like this:

    Ext.define('SliderText', {
  24. Hi.

    Looks like this is not fixed. If you look at the 5.0.1 Direct Form example the email field is still smaller than the others:
  25. Hi

    Just figured out that this is not a bug. Because of the new config system in extjs5 you have to use the setter methods

    Ext.Ajax.on("beforerequest", function(conn) {
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