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  1. Not 100% accurate. It looks like the Vice President, Worldwide Sales posted on the first page.
  2. This was mentioned earlier, but for the benefit of those not wanting to read through 50 pages, I'll repeat it. Jacky Nguyen, who had a large role in developing the Ext 4 era core libraries and...
  3. I’ve put in a lot of time with both Ext and Dojo. In my opinion, both are high quality and suitable for use in the user interface of a web application. While they share many similarities, they each...
  4. Not sure if @rich02818 might have more info, but I've been thinking about this, too, so I'll comment on it.

    No, Sencha doesn't publish all the details about their structure on the site. ...
  5. Not trying to discourage you, but it's entirely possible that the investors and board members were the ones who demanded this change in an effort to increase revenue from enterprise customers. They...
  6. Hey Abe,

    Thanks for responding and shedding some light on this mystery at least.

    I've been around since the early days of Ext JS 2.x. This was my first exposure to a major JavaScript...
  7. I just noticed today that Abe Elias has been removed from the team page.

    Is he gone? Did he get sacked as part of the fallout from this license change? ...
  8. +1 I'd like an answer on this, too. The last time it got asked, all we were told was that it was being discussed internally, which didn't give me a good feeling about its...
  9. Good question. It's not gone yet, though. On the details page for Ext-JS under Products, there is a Open Source GPL Licensing section at the very bottom. You can download from there.
  10. For me, it's all about communication. Even if Sencha feels they need to make this licensing change permanent, it seems like it could have been handled better. There could have been a blog post or...
  11. version:
    Ext JS 4.2.x
  12. +1 for update - I am interested in this as well.

    Those who remember Ext from the early days might find this interesting. It's not really surprising but still a bit...
  14. doesn't expose an event for sorting and the sortchange event on the Ext.grid.Panel is too late. I think your best option would be to override the sort function on and...
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    So I've been checking this when I got time every couple of Architect releases. I saw this morning in that read only files work exactly as I want. If the file is read only, there is a...
  16. version:

  17. Does it do what you expect if you set fill on the layout to false?

    By default, I think the layout tries to use the available space for the expanded item,...
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    It will be great to have the comments back so this sounds intriguing.

    I just want to verify one thing - in this new documentation system, will having an offline version of the docs still be...
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    Ext.get( ... ) looks up by dom id. You have nothing with dom id 'clock'. You either need to use query methods to look up by class or put an id on your span.

    items : [{
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    I posted a fiddle with the FIDDLE tags. The code looked ok but the preview bombed out.

    Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a frame with...
  21. Thanks for the info - missed that example on first glance.

    Here's the code snippet in case anyone else is looking.

    listeners: {
    change: function(slider, value) {
  22. I took one of the grid examples and made a column a widgetcolumn.


    Very cool and seems to work great!

    My question now is what the best practice is if you have a widget in the widgetcolumn...
  23. The docs say that widgetcolumn is sortable by default.!/api/Ext.grid.column.Widget-cfg-sortable

    However, looking at the code and testing it out,...
  24. Same here - I didn't really consider that Ext would use promises internally or expose them from async API calls. In fact, thank you for not doing that and breaking compatibility! I just wanted an...
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    Nice - excellent news :)
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