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  1. Are you talking to me? mrtux described a pretty easy way to reproduce the problem, I guess, though I didn't try myself. From above:
  2. Again, it is supposed to be this way. Setting path to file FileUpload field doesn't allow JS to access the file. You have to select through file chooser by clicking. Thats the only way browsers allow...
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    I started a similar thread hours ago, but it is stucked in review process I guess. I would have posted in this one, but was unable to find it. Guess why... ;)
  4. Thats a known bug. But sencha doesn't consider it as such. Hope this changes with this thread.

    I would like to link the old thread, but the search function of this forum seems to be broken. Even...
  5. I doubt it is possible, because of browser sandboxing:
    Files on your system must not be accessable via JS (security reasons). So, <input type="file"> is a problem. Browers solve this issue by...
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    I switched from classic Dev Mode to Super Dev Mode. Suddenly there are some files missing:


    GWT 2.6.1
    GXT 3.1.0
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    We came up with another solution: Where needed, we added an empty entry to the list of choices.
    Some difficulties arose:
    - Emptystring as display name for the empty entry leads to an entry in the...
  8. I had the same issue. Reason: getPath() of ValueProvider of the columns delivered same string.
  9. You need a InfoConfig first. With that one you can call Info.display(..) :

    DefaultInfoConfig config = new DefaultInfoConfig(title, message);
  10. I had a similar problem with tooltips being displayed at wrong postition. Reason: Webapp was in a Viewport. This Viewport has been added to a div, which appeared in the middle of the browser window...
  11. Is your project multi lingual, i.e. do you have props like this:
    <extend-property name="locale" values="en"/>
    <extend-property name="locale" values="de"/>
    <extend-property name="locale"...
  12. Any news? Do I have to provide a testcase? I think jdkida described the problem precisely.
  13. I think, the link to GXT3.1.1-gpl had been broken, but now it is working.

    Btw, why is there a 3.1.1 as GPL version? I thought only minor releases like 3.0.0 and 3.1.0 would be available under GPL...
  14. Yep, Button gets its Text in Constructor of FileUploadField. Your setMessages is "too late".
    But it seems like this has been fixed in GXT3.1:
    * Sets the file upload field messages.
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    In GXT3, ColumnConfig has setCell(myCell) rather hat setRenderer(myRenderer).

    How to create a Cell and get access to the store within it, has been discussed here recently:
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    Oh, it is a TreeStore. I feel your pain. getChild(index) states it only delivers from root level. But you can do this:

    Object key = context.getKey();
    HasId model =...
  17. grid.reconfigure(vmStore, cm); leads to the same problem: active filters are not indicated.
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    Had this issue, too. Unfortunately Context doesn't contain much info. I ended up providing the store of the grid to my custom cell like this:

    public class MonetaryCell extends...
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    The problem here is the span tag. Span is only that wide as is has to be to contain its text.
    Use div or a div around the span to carry qtip like this:

    sb.appendHtmlConstant("<div qtip='"...
  20. Afaics, setSize(String, String) calls setPixelSize(int, int) if width and height end with "px" or are just numbers ("px" is added then at first; later Strings get parsed to int).
    On CSS/Element base...
  21. Here is a screenshot:


    Investigating the header of Name column, I recognized CSS class...
  22. Setting sizes doesn't change anything. I did this:

    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.List;

  23. Strange. There is no change in Css3ContentPanel.css from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1. But that may be part of the problem. /:)

    Do you do something special with ContentPanel or its Appearance in your webapp?...
  24. I am still expirencing this problem on some grids in GXT3.1.0:
    I activate a filter, header is bold and italic since css class...
  25. I haven't look into TreeGrid and why this workaround ist not working.
    My problem with this workaround has been this: You have to setHideMode(HideMode.OFFSETS) on the Component on which hide gets...
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