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  1. we do not find a way to change the license id in the architect of my co-worker. He enter (was a mistake) my id, but we bought 2 license of the architect. Now we try to change the license id but...
  2. add to war file::D
    - app
    - app.js
    - app.css
    - index.html

  3. should i pack complete content of architect project folder in the war or there is a trick to do better?

    thank you for reading
  4. sorry, greenhorn on ext js / sencha touch and java script, but i realized some projects on gxt. In gxt i can recompile java class (using the gwt compiler) and deploy my project as a war file on a...
  5. Hi Colin.

    I use the workarround, thank you for help.

    Looking forward for next step of migration :>
  6. Result of your code:

    Current locale name: de
    Decimal separator in current locale: ,
    Using decimal format #,##0.###
    1,00 is parsed as 1.0

    Thank you for explaining me my...
  7. <module rename-to="bibs">
    <inherits name='com.sencha.gxt.ui.GXT'/>
    <inherits name="com.sencha.gxt.chart.Chart"/>
    <inherits name="com.sencha.gxt.theme.base.Base"/>

  8. This works...

    NumericFilter<ArticleData, Double> numericBundleFilter = new NumericFilter<ArticleData, Double>(
  9. Hi,

    if i enter in grid header the value "1", i get the value "10.0" in the backend.

    In frontend i typ "1":

    NumericFilter<ArticleData, Double> numericBundleFilter = new...
  10. i'm not sure about the version of the browser, may be a bug in chrome?
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