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  1. Thanks for the input, everyone. In the end, we wound up creating a new project & migrating everything manually.

    As a bonus, we also took the opportunity to build in phonegap 2.5 so that we no...
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    Solution: layout: fit is somewhat broken. This used to work, under Sencha 2.0.11:

    Ext.define('A_View', {
    extend: 'Ext.Container',
    xtype: 'somextype',
    layout: 'fit',

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    In the ongoing process of trying to migrate to touch 2.2.0, we're having some pretty severe issues over here, but the big issue of the moment is a nagging probelm when setting layout: fit on a...
  4. I am trying to upgrade from Sench touch 2.0.11 with SDKTools 2.0.0b3 to Touch 2.2.0 and Sencha command on OSX 10.8.2

    It is not going well.

    Setup: I uninstalled the old SDK tools,...
  5. If you're showing a store with autoLoad = true, it should redisplay the onscreen portion when the data is refreshed. If you need to re-render the UI elements on the view, use a combination of...
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    I had the same issue when attempting to build for sencha touch, and installation of Xcode tools seems to have fixed the problem for me as well. Now I'm getting "Executable was signed with invalid...
  7. There is a solution to a similar error that is generated when you're missing the hidden .senchasdk file from your working directory (as happened to me after pulling from a repo to a new location). ...
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    Sencha does not like when you make/touch/overwrite/use the id property in the store. Try removing the 'id' property from your code, and then add the identifier config option as uuid in your store,...
  9. Any warnings etc in your console log? Consider hooking up to weinre if you need more info on mobile.
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    Yeah, I should probably be using the getter. :-\
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    Alright well, once again, the act of typing it out was enough to spur a train of thought that got me to the answer.

    If you want to find the stack depth of a view, check the length of the items...
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    Hi guys!

    I've got a couple of views being pushed onto a navigation view. On the navigation bar, there's a text box that I'm using as a search field... I want this to be visible only when I'm at...
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    Depends on your use case.

    If your users will not have access to the server at all, and the data is static, store it locally. If data is dynamic, retrive it on request from the server. If your...
  14. OK, I've got it. I was getting hung up on refs and xtypes, making it harder than it should have been. Here's the answer that I found.

    This works in the controller (screen, screen2, and screen3...
  15. Hi guys,

    I've got a class which extends and a class which extends Ext.navigation.View nested within it.

    In my controller, I would like to add another Ext.navigation.View to the...
  16. Thanks for your help, Mitchell.

    I can look into Phonegap packaging, but it would be preferable to keep it 100% sencha.
    There's no way to do this with native packaging?

    Thanks in advance...
  17. An online banking app (running native under iOS, for example) kicks you back to a login page when you leave it and then come back to it later. It might remain running in the background, but it knows...
  18. I suppose that another way of putting it would be , "What event fires when the app loses focus?"

    I'm curious about this too - I need to return a user to a login screen if they move to another app...
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