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  1. If so, can anyone please explain me how to do this?

    I have my Rest Service being called by the TreeStore with Query Strings every single time it asks for data to the server. I am getting a null...
  2. Is there any other better solution to this? Let´s say I need to develop against the new Restful services provided by Zend with Zend Framework 2 and Zend Studio 10. Using tools like that makes...
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    Hi Friends at Sencha. I have been a RIA developer for quite some years now, (Silverlight) I have been looking for a cross platform framework and tool that work on html5 and all devices and I have...
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    Every time I open firebug (with a trial of Illuminations) in Firefox and reload my app ( a very simple one ), I get like 150 warnings from the Ext JS css and other 150 or so from the ext-debug...
  5. Thanks for sharing, it took 3 minutes to solve it ... awesome!
  6. Some of those views would be created in Architect as well, views with a grid that can add, modify and delete items, just the basics. But there are some other cases where the view needs to be...
  7. I have tried to post this question for three times and somethings happens and it doesn't seem to post. Here I go again in hope to find some help.

    I have been a RIA developer for many years now...
  8. Hi friends @ the forum.

    I am building my first Ext JS 4 App with MVC and trying to follow patterns carefully. I have been a RIA developer for many years and I am new to this framework.

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