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  1. It might be because of the minification you use in the production build.

    When I minify the debug file using the yui compressor it works:

    sencha fs minify -f=ext-all-sandbox-debug.js...
  2. When using ext-all-sandbox.js in a production deployment the generated html uses x- classes instead of x5- which leads to unusable styling when loaded on the same page with ExtJS 3.

    This doesn't...
  3. I found a fix which might even be used in the sandboxed build:

    add this to build.xml:

    <target name="-after-build" description="Fix theme javascript namespace for sandboxing">
  4. For example in ExtJS 5.1.0 the file packages/ext-theme-classic-sandbox/build/ext-theme-classic-sandbox.js and ext-theme-classic-sandbox-debug.js use 'Ext.' instead of 'Ext5.'.

    The same happens for...
  5. We have a file upload form that takes a csv which is transformed by the server to a json response including the original data as well as the new one from the csv.
    The goal is to show a grid with...
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    I think the more generic question is: How to integrate ExtJS when used with Sencha Cmd with the backend application written in the language of choice so they can be deployed together?
  7. I'd like to see this configurable too, maybe in app.json.
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    What about the appFolder config option?!/api/
  9. I tried which fails like did.
    Then I found those outdated Java 6 docs mentioned in the sencha.cfg file
  10. I've seen the other way to generate an app in the getting started docs which works fine.

    My setup is an Ubuntu notebook as dev box behind a NTLM authenticating proxy running cntlm locally, all env...
  11. Thanks for the pointers, but sadly nothing helped.
    We have a authenticating proxy and neither configuring the system.http.proxy* variables helped nor using cntlm as a local proxy that does the...
  12. $ sencha generate app -ext Test ./Test
    Sencha Cmd v5.0.0.116
    [WRN] Failed to download remote catalog : Error downloading
    [ERR] Cannot satisfy...
  13. That would be a very welcome addition for us as well!
  14. You have to create one store per boxselect because the store gets filtered as far as I understand.
  15. Thanks sunaku, your work is greatly appreciated!
  16. And how useful are associations then?
  17. Awesome! Glad I could help!

    @Sencha: please work on the shell script to not turn echo off so error messages like this are swallowed!
  18. Have you tried reinstalling JRE like I suggested?
  19. I found out late night yesterday. It uses java under the hood which failed when I run it on the cli with the error message that a file named rvm.cfg can't be found.
    Uninstalling and reinstalling JRE...
  20. I just encountered the same, very annoying. Especially because the docs say to download SDK 2.0 beta 3, which has a different syntax than both the Sencha Touch and SDK docs describe.
  21. Thanks, will try that as soon as time permits!
    Having it on github would be great to easily fix bugs in the future.
  22. I've added a function named 'null' to Ext.util.Format:

    Ext.apply(Ext.util.Format, {
    null: function(value) {
    return value !== undefined && value != null ? value :...
  23. Thanks for your suggestion!
    That would make it impossible to later know the difference between null and an empty string.
  24. I've tried to find out how to handle null values coming from a store using a in an XTemplate.
    Firefox displays null instead of an empty string and I was wondering if I need to...
  25. Yes that is a dumb question because the author wrote in his 4.1 support post that its only compatible with 4.1:...
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