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  1. Yes...sorry I should have specified that.
  2. I have a list of chat messages – the most recent ones are at the bottom. When I load the store, the list always refreshes the view to the first record i.e. the topmost record i.e. the oldest chat...
  3. I have an infinite list with variable heights and images in most of them. Its basically a chat conversation list. I'm waiting until the store is fully loaded before showing the list. I'd also like to...
  4. Thank you very much for the reply. The problem here is that my text field is inside a docked bottom container, which gets hidden behind the keyboard. Plus when the list is filled with messages, the...
  5. Can someone please pitch in some thoughts? Thanks!
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    This worked. Thanks!
  7. Hmm..I set the breakpoint and found that mergeData never gets hit. Thoughts?
  8. That is definitely not happening. From the source for Model.load():

    load: function(id, config, scope) {
    var proxy = this.getProxy(),
    idProperty =...
  9. How do I notify all stores associated with a model after calling MyApp.MyModel.load()? Alternatively, is there a way to load 1 record by Id from the context of a store?

    My ultimate goal is to...
  10. That doesn't work. I tried it on the parent container's layout. Here is my config:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.plugandplay.MyContainer', {
    extend: 'MyApp.view.core.Container',
  11. I have a list that is sorted such that the most recent items appear at the bottom just like a chat window, in which the most recent message typically shows up at the bottom.

    This list is inside a...
  12. I have an infinite list with a fairly simple itemTpl and about 40 very simple records in it (the text actually rendered is on an average 2 words/list item)

    What I see is that when I scroll...
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    I have a model "Order" that "hasMany" "Item"s

    I get a push notification from my server that a new Item has been added to the Order. I also get the new Item's id. Now, I'd like to fetch that Item...
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    I have a list that is hidden unless I need to show it. On show, I am doing the following:

    onShow: function() {
    var me = this;

  15. Nevermind – doing scrollToEnd(false) gets rid of the animation, and that effectively does what I want.
  16. What I meant was the store is already receiving records that are sorted, so I was wondering if there was a way to just append the records upside down, but scratch that – I think thats fine. Thanks!
  17. Okay thanks!
  18. I have a list that is basically like a chat list – the most recent items are at the bottom. So, I need to open the list and then scroll to bottom. Is there a way to have the list show only after the...
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    Any thoughts on this? I'd really appreciate help with this! Thanks!
  20. My backend is Parse's BAAS. In order to fetch latest records first and paginate through previous records, I'll need to order descending by created timestamp, and use "skip" certain number of records...
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    I also tried store.sync() – same story. Also, this is an associated model's store.

    Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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    I have an image tag in itemtpl of a list. I have added an onload handler to the image like so:



    function nativeImageLoaded(img) { ...
  23. Is there an event that gets fired on the list every time a record is added to its store? I see the list updating with new data but the refresh event doesn't fire. Is there an event on the list that...
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    Thanks! Yeah, I have this in place. I was looking for a chat-like scrolling interface. This did the trick:

    scrollToBottom: function() {
    var me = this;

  25. Did you figure out an appropriate place to do this? Thanks!
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