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  1. Basically here is the trick :

    do not use a vbox to do that,
    set scrollable:false to all the elements but a List,
    set a height too or layout 'fit'...
    Should work. Here is the code :

    /* ...
  2. I have followed your suggestion + I set a "height" for all the items... and it works. Pretty tricky since I don't know exactly the vertical size of my list before it is rendered... :/

    Here is the...
  3. Hi,

    I have quite the same problem with a container (vbox layout) that contains several containers (Panel, List and a Carousel). I would like to obtain the same effect and so far I have the exact...
  4. Hi Senchamen,

    I have trouble trying to have a container scrolling with several items attached : such as a Panel, a Carousel and a List. Basically I would like to obtain a vertically scrollable...
  5. Replies

    Don't know if this is the best way to do but this method works:

    Step 1 : add you pic (mypicto.png, size = 60x60 pix, color space : RGB color) to the default Sencha Touch file...
  6. Hi again,

    On the same example : interactive map of the USA... I have trouble with the isPointInPath method which does not respond correctly.

    The only differences with the original example is...
  7. Interesting question #tylardurdan... that I have solved partially and still looking to improve...

    My goal is to build an interactive map, looking just like the USA map example presented in the...
  8. Thank you for your help,

    Sorry I use a full GPL version of Sencha Touch 2.1 that embeds Ext.Chart.* and Ext.Draw.*... if not I would get an error on
    requires: ['Ext.draw.sprite.Path'], right?
  9. Hi Sencha community,

    I am trying to add an interactive map to my app. A good start in that development would be to use the interactive map of the USA in the "Drawing and charting example" in...
  10. Thanks Skirtle.

    Yes, my code is and ExtJs 3.0 implementation. Apparently 4.0 no longer define the baseParam property.... :(

    I figured this out going through this post :
  11. I have successfully completed this great tutorial :
    I just can't use the baseParams field specified with the proxy... Here is my code that...
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