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  1. They're not "charging premium prices" they're introducing a baffling 5-licence-minimum without any consultation with the community that made their product thrive, or even a warning that it was going...
  2. Sorry if you've covered this ground already but has anyone from Sencha offered any explanation for this change in policy? I mean in other forums, social media, conferences etc. somewhere I haven't...
  3. Hiking licencing costs without any explanation and refusing to answer simple questions in the forum?

    At best that's exceptionally bad customer service, at worst it's a deal breaker.

    We only...
  4. I would expect the store in your test case to be indexed from 0-4 after insert but it is not.

    Try it here:
  5. Thx for the reply Farish but I've tried 'grow:true' and it doesn't fix the issue - check the fiddle for an example.

    The textarea is embedded in the row so when it grows, the row panel grows too...
  6. The ExtJS RowEditing plugin does not seem to handle textarea inputs unless they are squashed to the height of the row, which renders them unusable.
    Demo here

    Is there a...
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    Ditto, new chrome console is quite annoying
  8. Addition for anyone who cares: = 'world'Works for my purposes, without triggering A's convert function
  9. Mitchell - can explain that answer please.

    If I need to set field B to 'world' when field A is set to 'hello' like this:

    convert : function(value, record) {
    if(value === 'hello') {...
  10. If anyone's interested, extending and overriding OnAdd does work, butI'm still curious to know if there's a better solution.

    Here's my 'StepPanel' class that customises the...
  11. I want to do exactly this - use mycustomtabs within a tabbar, but the defaultType config doesn't seem to work. I even changed the source code in to defaultType:'cabbage' which has no...
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    I've just come back to this on a Xmas day off - in case anyone out there cares, the renderTpl property in my example code above is in the wrong place. You don't apply it to the tabPanel, you apply it...
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    Thx for reading Scott, but I've no idea what you mean by that.

    I re-read the the card layout docs - they mention toolbars and setActiveItem(), so I suppose I could ditch the TabPanel and use a...
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    Hi folks - I want to modify a tabpanel so that it behaves like a wizard-style breadcrumb (step one, step 2, etc...). TabPanel does most of what I want out of the box, but I need to modify the HTML of...
  15. How do you all go about source-controlling ExtJS apps?

    We use git for source control and deployment but my sys admin has just gone spare because the generated application folder is so large and...
  16. Yep - same issue here, looks to me that blur method does not remove
    .x-form-trigger-wrap-focus from the parent correctly.

    Manually calling triggerBlur() on the combo obj fixes for me.
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