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  1. Display field values overlap each other vertically when loading a form through loadRecord
    I have an Ext.form.Panel, modified from the example in 4.2.1's. To show the problem easily, the code...
  2. I have an editable grid (using cell editor) that I want to listen to an event to once the user leaves the grid, either through tabbing out of it or clicking elsewhere in the page. I know how to make...
  3. Using 4.2.1, calling myPanel.collapsed() on an Ext.panel.Panel (within a controller) no longer fires beforeexpand and expand events, but using myPanel.collapsed = true still fires the beforeexpand...
  4. Thank you for your reply! I understand it now.
  5. Thanks,

    Was wondering if you could clarify one more thing though. From the docs, I'm gathering that sencha Cmd commands pulls the right SASS into one (taking into account the inheritance...
  6. I am trying to migrate a themed app using ExtJs 4.1.3 to ExtJs 4.2. I am not using Sencha cmd at all previously, so now I am wondering if it is necessary to successfully theme in 4.2.

    The release...
  7. Thank you for the suggestion.

    From what I cantell, specifying a "ui" config automatically adds the new class tothe top level element as well as its children, allowing us to use the ui mixinsto...
  8. A comment on Ext.AbstractComponent's ui config implies that 4.1.3 will now accept String arrays.
    douglyuckling says:

    I still getting the behavior he is describing, despite the fact that it...
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