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  1. Here's one solution if someone has the same problem.

    I override combobox's selectByValue method, and now it always selects first item on list. If someone knows better solution, please tell me.

  2. I have combobox which uses loader to query values from server. When data is loaded, I wan't to highlight/select the first item from combobox's listview and not the one which matches user's query.
  3. Oh yes... I tried to create new project and it works ok even after compiling. Used the default GWT project and replaced default button with GXT button. So problem is in just that one project. What...
  4. I got a weird problem, and it's driving me crazy. :D Everything works great in hosted mode, but after compiling GXT widget's won't render. For example if I just add button to rootpanel, it just shows...
  5. Yes, that does the trick. Now it is working correctly. Thanks!
  6. What do you mean by "ask store for the data"?

    Do I have to manually add/update the dragged model to correct parent (where it was dragged)? Because it updates the grid correctly after dragdrop....
  7. Hi

    I'm trying to reorder EditorTreeGrid and update the model after dragdrop. I found out that calling store.getModels(), returns updated store but fetching models with getChild(i) doesn't. Is this...
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