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  1. Yes! Much simpler! Thanks
  2. In addition, you can use this css to have icons on a per menuItem basis:

    Configure your menu without the cls : "x-menu-no-icon" but with the showSeparator : false:
    showSeparator : false,
  3. Hi,

    Menu items with no icon still have the space allocated on the left of the button. If you wish to remove that space so the menu item text has no left padding, it can be done as follows. I wrote...
  4. My blog post about how to use node-webkit for packaging ExtJS4 apps is here:

    It is a...
  5. Solved: I had neglected to compile the sass since including the Ext.layout.container.Absolute. So, critical css was missing! Doh!


    I have a panel using absolute layout and two child panels...
  6. Thanks Jim, that would be great!
  7. Hi.

    Back at this post: there was talk of a version...
  8. Yep. Unzip attached into Ext /examples folder.
    Ext 4.2

  9. Hi.
    This looks like a bug and this is my fix so I am posting it here. It might not be the correct way, but it is working well for me.

    Calling myTree.reconfigure(myStore) causes error...
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    Yes, that works. Thanks. I would click yours as Best Answer if I could.

  11. Thank you Israel! Works perfectly. =D>
  12. Hi,

    I have a panel that I would like to be less transparent when disabled. So, I set the disabledCls in the panel config. Inspecting the dom shows the class being included but the injected masked...
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    And a very detailed and helpful article it is too!

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for this - just what I needed. Here is a slight suggested modifcation so that you can call setBadgeText() method before it is rendered:
    setBadgeText: function(text) {
  15. That is fantastic! It worked perfectly. Thank you so much, it is exactly what I need to do and I now realise a few other things I can use that for.

    Thank you!

    Go well,
  16. Hi.

    If you have a background in ExtJS and are now writing Touch apps, there are two changes related to Models that you need to know about - especially when using in TreeStores. They are in the...
  17. My fix doesn't always work, so it is probably irrelevant to the problem. Will report back when I fix this.
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    Thanks Don.

    That was a bit of an eye opener. I looked at as you suggested and kind-of get it. My use case was that I have done a lot in my code to enable code re-use between Ext and...
  19. Thanks Oleg for your 4.x version. It is working really well.

    One thing I noticed was that sometimes the editor would render with toolbars but no height for the textarea to edit. I found that by...
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    Update: for Cmd 4 it seems that you just need to add
    build.optimize= to which overrides the settings in
  21. Set the activeItem in the config. Or when your app is launched, use setActiveItem!/api/

  22. Hi,

    I have a situation like the following example where I have an abstract class that sets config items then sub classes where I want to add more items. I also need to manipulate the final config...
  23. OK... Some progress. Flipping works now.

    One issue remains, see below.

    There were two problems preventing the back card from appearing:
    1. The class...
  24. Hi,

    I am experimenting with trying build a card layout that flips between two cards.

    This example gave me a start:

  25. Nice! Thanks. Works perfectly. =D>
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