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  1. Okay, thanks for the reply.
  2. Cloud you let Sencha team know this issue?
    Please consider making it enabled in the future if possible.
  3. Could you give me the reason why it's disabled?I had made many useful tips on it, but I can't read it now. So sad...
  4. We was allowed to make and view comments on ExtJS docs many months ago.
    But we aren't able to do it now.
    I think it's very important to make comments on ExtJS docs since sometimes the docs aren't...
  5. Use applet.
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    Thank you, Joe!
  7. "The page you requested was not found"
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    Is there release note for 4.2.2?
  9. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 23
  10. If user A sign in the web and change the state of a grid (e.g., order of columns),
    and user B sign in with the same PC after user A sign out, user B will get the same state of grid with user A?
  11. I just want to abort a connection from a like below. But it failed.

    var operation = new;
    var request =, me.onProxyLoad, me);...
  12. It's a little bit tricky to override the tooltip.
    There's an example in this article Link
  13. Hi slemmon
    I have printed out the params in requestexception, I could not see storeId.
    It's the result in my example and I using ExtJS 4.1.1a.

  14. Is it possible to apply the solution to global setting?
    I want to make all of grids in the application have this behavior.
    I'd like to override the Ext.gird.Panel's functions instead of listening...
  15. After the first time grid is successful to load data, the grid may may fail to load new data later.
    However, the old data is still there. How can I clear old data if AJAX failed?
    I want to show...
  16. Due to some reason, we are not able to upgrade to ExtJS 4.2.1.
    Is it possible to fix the "browse" button rendering problem in 4.1.1?
  17. For anyone who has encountered null pointer exception, please refer to this post for java spring controller. It works for me!
  18. Ext version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:

    FireFox 22
    Chrome 27
  19. I have the same question as popiero70. Can anyone help?
  20. Hi
    I want to let user know why the request is failed after calling
    So I let server responses {"success":true,"msg": "XXX"}.
    But it seems that failure function is not able to get...
  21. I have the same requirement.
    Is there any UX?
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    I think I got the point. I installed both cmd and sdk. And sdk is deprecated.
    Please correct System Setup section in!/guide/command
    setp 4 seems not necessary...
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    I have downloaded the lastest version of sencha cmd through:
    And installing it by:

    [root@localhost Sencha]# ./
  24. I have reported similar bugs three times. Hope you guys can fix ALL of them at once on next release....
  25. still not fixed in ExtJS 4.2.
    really sad...
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