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  1. You should use \e600 in the content property in stead of the name of the icon (AZ).
  2. Can you make a sencha fiddle with some mock-up data in the same structure you are using?That way I can see in more detail what is going wrong. (
  3. You should set foreignKey to child_parent_id on the hasMany relation of Parents.
    When you do not set foreignKey it will search for the name of the parent model + '_id', in this case it is...
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    Does the code work correct on Chrome or any other browser?
    What code do you call when clicking on the login button?
    If you could provide a fiddle (, someone can see what...
  5. Are you talking about selectfield or checkbox? Checkbox only contains ui for 'checkbox', selectfield only contains a ui for 'select'.

    You might want to use a custom ui for your purpose.You could...
  6. What version of compass are you using?What changes did you make to your app.scss file?
  7. What is the added value of this framework compared to Sencha Space and Navara?
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    You can have the same xtype on both of these views. It is working fine for me. Just make sure you only load one of them at the time (by including only one of them in the controller for the profile...
  9. What error do you see when executing the command?
  10. Do you have 1 store for all dataviews? Or do you have one store for each dataview (3 stores and 3 models).If you are using only 1 store, the behavior is correct. You only have 1 instance of the...
  11. WebSQL and IndexedDB can allow data size of more than 100 MB, but it depends on the browser if it does accept it. On iOS the user is prompted to give permission, if the user doesn't accept the bigger...
  12. It is using the HTML5 Geolocation API (!/api/Ext.util.Geolocation ).
  13. The problem with WebSQL and IndexedDB is that neither one is implemented in all browsers. IndexedDB is not implemented in iOS. WebSQL is not implemented in FireFox and IE. It is possible to use a...
  14. You can use WebSQL or IndexedDB for storage, depending on the mobile and the browser you are targeting. If you're using Sencha Space, you could use Sqlite.
    Synchronizing data can be tricky. We use a...
  15. Another solution is using xtype. An id has to be unique. It looks like the id of the first view is still registered, while it should be destroyed.
  16. Thank you.

    Sorry for the double post, I did search the forum this morning on the bug, but the topic didn't show up in the results.
  17. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.3.1
    sench-touch-grid 2.3.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Google Chrome 33.0.1750.146 m

    When using a numberfield in a grid without a...
  18. The title is not set on the tabpanel itself, but on the tab associated with the panel.
    I was able to retrieve the title by using
  19. No, I don't say that a store has multiple models, but does have multiple instances of a model.
    If a model is a description of DB table column names and types, then a model instance is a row of the...
  20. In my last answer I tried only to answer you last few questions, about placing proxies and readers in separate folders.

    As regarding your question about referencing models and create proxy...
  21. Did you try to add folders to your application for proxies and readers?
    These folders should work the same as the folders for controllers, models and views (and forms).
    If you add the folder proxy...
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    I heard that the app on iOS received an update. The Camera API should now be working correct on iOS. Any luck?
  23. You're trying to use and itemTpl on a Panel. A panel doesn't do anything with this template. An itemTpl should be used in a List or a DataView.
  24. Nice, I'm looking forward to attend a SenchaCon.Is there anything that can be said about the dates for SenchaCon? (summer, autumn)?
  25. There are multiple solutions for your problem.

    You could add a title to your form by using a Titlebar or by wrapping your fields in a FieldSet.
    There are many other ways to add text to a page.
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