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    Does anyone have graceful suggestions on how to implement Keymap in the sencha app MCV architecture? Ideally I would just have a controller action event fire. Right now I just do:

  2. Hmmm I see...
    I modified my override to duplicate the store instead if the custom config 'instantiateStore' is set.
    This way the preview still works in architect. Can anyone think of a cleaner...
  3. I have a lot of grids that are created dynamically, so they all need their own store instance. Right now I solved this with the following override:

    Ext.define('ECL.override.grid.Panel', {
  4. Posted a temporary solution in the other topic:
  5. Here's an override to get the desired behavior:

    Ext.define('ECL.override.form.field.ComboBox', {
    override: 'Ext.form.field.ComboBox',

    // private
    assertValue: function() {
  6. Ah thanks...
    Hope it gets fixed soon!
  7. Hi all,

    For some reason all my stores that use a model with a DirectProxy give the nice red exclamation mark in Architect with the following error:
    'Cannot read property 'directCfg' of...
  8. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 31.0.1650.63

    When the ownerHeaderCt for the column already exists, but it has not been rendered yet this...
  9. I solved this by setting triggerEvent to none as I only want to edit items after clicking on edit in a context menu.

    In architect this can be solved with:

  10. I think I'm still experiencing the same issue, even though I defined the app the normal way (by sencha architect)

    //@require @packageOverrides
    enabled: true,
  11. I have a custom object parameter with the following content

    'list': {
    regex: /^([a-z-\/]+)$/,
    controller: 'clients',
    action: 'index'

    'details': {
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    Buffered grid breaks a ton of functionality. Basically every function that uses will no longer work since this is a pagemap instead of a mixedcollection when buffered = true.

    I agree...
  13. I think I also found a bug regarding grouping:


    data : Ext.util.MixedCollection/
    When this Store is not buffered, the data property is a MixedCollection...
  14. Ext.String.repeat('0', -1);

    Causes my chrome browser window to crash ("aw... snap"). Although it doesn't make sense to run this it probably shouldn't make the browser crash :)
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    I'd like to know the same thing...
  16. Awesome!
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    Ik was vorige keer verhinderd maar ben zeker geïnteresseerd!
  18. 1- feel free to write it (and if you bothered to look, its documented somewhat inline)
    2 - seems your the one with the Persion alphabet, wat did you try to solve it so far?
  19. damm you attachments!

  20. I made some modifications to the CSS, only checked with chrome though, if you like it feel free to include them in "the official" release.

    Zip: 26436

    Before: (26434)...
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    Jup this one is a must have for EXT4!
  22. Was wondering the same thing. Previously they announced it would be released mid/late may.

    Also, can we get a preview on the files it will generate so I can keep that in mind while generating my...
  23. Guess I should have bothered to try before I ask, so far it's been working great with Ext4, haven't run into any problems yet :)

    By the way, what about supporting custom events like these:...
  24. I'm not really sure this is a bug since it sort of behaves as documented, but at the moment BasicForm settings have to be passed using the initialConfig parameter, which is set in the constructor...
  25. Awesome job! Will definitely try and see if I run into bugs!
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