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    Ext JS 5 will include 2 new themes, both of which are designed to be more friendly for use on touch-screen devices, and to work equally well on the desktop.

    1. Neptune-Touch: colors and design...
  2. In the past setting variables to null was the recommended way of preventing a value from being set for a given property. However, SASS 3.2 came along and broke that with its introduction of the new...
  3. The Theming Guide would be a good place to start:!/guide/theming
  4. Good stuff there, we'll take a look. Am I to understand that "universal" special cases apply to both Ext and Touch? Did you find any that apply to Ext only?
  5. As of 4.2.0 we've removed most all of the unnecessary !important rules. There are a few exceptions that remain, but most all of them have a good reason to be there. Marking this one as fixed.
  6. You'll need to add your custom button UI to manifest.js so that the slicer can generate background images for IE when you build your theme/app. More info on this in the theming guide - look for the...
  7. currently it's a mixture. You can look at the class docs for a given component to find out - the mixin parameters are documented at the very bottom of the page.
  8. yes I agree, that is an inconsistency in the framework, in a future release we will deprecate $ui-label and use $ui across the board for all ui mixins.

    If you can provide some more info on how...
  9. just use ui: 'foo' (small scale is the default). If you wanted to use medium or large scale you would name your ui "foo-medium' or 'foo-large' in the sass, and then set the scale config on your...
  10. Buttons are unique among components in that when you are creating a custom UI you have to include the button "scale" in the UI name, for example:

    @include extjs-button-ui(
  11. One possible workaround would be to override the extjs-button-ui mixin in your theme (copy the entire mixin from ext-theme-neutral/sass/src/button/Button.scss) and then go in and switch the order of...
  12. @rafaelrp yes, what you're seeing is the background color of the border layout. sorry for the delayed response. I'm closing this ticket since it's not a bug.
  13. Yes it looks like we have the order of precedence backwards for focus and over styles. Focus currently comes after "over" in the cascade, but it should be the other way around. I'll get this fixed...
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    @jchau I'm looking into implementing support for making framing optional in IE in a future release. I know you've already found a workaround, but It'd be nice to have an officially supported way of...
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    Just curious, what version of Ext JS were you using when you saw the 40-50% performance improvement by disabling framing? In Ext JS 4.2 we reduced the number of calculations needed to determine the...
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    Yes, if you remove the framing completely your app will perform faster in IE ;) That's kind of a apples to oranges comparison though, because it doesn't isolate how the table itself affects...
  17. In Ext JS 4.2.1 the text is vertically centered within the column header by ColumnComponentLayout. (see publishInnerHeight). It only sets the top/bottom padding if the header is vertically...
  18. If you're using the grid dragdrop plugin you can listen to the drop event The first parameter to the handler will be a "node" you can pass the node to the grid view's indexOf() method to get the row...
  19. Use the addDocked() method

    xtype: 'toolbar',
    dock: 'bottom',
    items: [{
    text: 'button'
  20. Could you post a simple test case? The following works fine for me:

    // scroll this panel while child panels get added to it. The scroll position is retained.
    var panel =...
  21. You can put your custom CSS in the application's sass directory. SASS files in the application are included by the namespace/classpath of JS files in the application. So, for example if you're...
  22. you can put custom CSS for your app in a sass file that corresponds to the name of the View you are styling. for example:


    For more info, see the Theming Guide
  23. adding a node to the store should make it appear in the tree. Perhaps you need to set "expanded: true" on the parent node, or call its expand() method after adding the childNode?

    The Tree Guide...
  24. toFront() is only for floating components. It sounds like what you want is a card layout
  25. Could you post a test case, so I can try to reproduce the issue?
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