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  1. When applying a sort with DataViewBinder in Ext-GWT 1.1, you get a ClassCastException on line 151:

    for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {
    M m = store.getAt(i);
  2. Okay... figured it out but this is *very* unintuitive...

    I needed to set the itemSelector and then add a class name to my DIV in the template. I did this earlier and it didn't work. It appears...
  3. So I tried using the same code but swapping out the DataView with a Table. Works fine when I do that. That means the problem is definately with the DataView, or the way I'm using it. Here is some...
  4. Hi all,
    I have some code that binds a DataView to a ListStore. All works great until I try to use a filter to filter that ListStore. If I bind the ListStore to something else after the filter has...
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