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    This is a particularly nasty bug. I ran into it as well on 5.0.1. I think this guy hit the same thing. See the second post:...
  2. I only use the model and controller of MVC. I just redirect to Ext's index page instead of the view in the HomeController. I have yet to spend time to figure out integrating publish...
  3. Thank you! That minor difference is such a frustration to me.
  4. +1. Very nice.
  5. Best practice is using Sencha CMD to build a production version of your application. There is a great deal of overhead making 500+ requests. Using Sencha CMD will allow it to be all combined into a...
  6. The show method clearly identifies what properties may be used and draggable is not one of them. I can see how a config property on a singleton can be misleading though. You can create an instance...
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    New product??\:D/
  8. This thread is over two years old. At this point, you should be using Sencha Cmd. The command "sencha app build" will create a production application for you. It will place all the required...
  9. 4.1.0 was released 6 months prior to the release of IE10. I would not be surprised if it has problems. I have seen this happen in the past with IE and the issues are generally resolved soon after...
  10. In general, you would only have one reference to your store within the view for your grid: the store config. In the controller that handles the grid, you can use the getStore method or a another...
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    You can currently click your username at the top of the page or in the thread itself and have both the "find latest posts" and "find latest started threads" links. There is also a "view all...
  12. requires and uses are specified just like any other configuration property. From the docs:

    Ext.define('Mother', {
    uses: ['Child'],
    giveBirth: function () {
    // This code...
  13. To add to what Scott said, Ext by default dynamically loads your files for you. It is important to specify dependencies when you define a class so that the loader knows what is needed and when. ...
  14. 'window': {
    add: me.doAdd,
    minimize: me.doMinimize

    You can't have two properties with the same name.
  15. I had a similar issue yesterday, but with the file stated as "unknown file." I was getting a few of the " YUI Compressor Error <> missing name after . operator" errors which it appears you have one...
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    I can't access the docs right now.
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    Docs use JsDuck which is open source. It uses the history util. See this file. There's other stuff going on so you may want to browse around the repo a bit, but this is the main point of interest...
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    I have rewritten in the past for 4.x. I generally have found it faster than migration and it gives the opportunity to do some housekeeping. I sometimes keep parts that would be fine in 4 and are...
  19. I copied your code exactly only adding in close brace for your launch method and it worked. See the fiddle in my first post. I assume the missing brace is just a copy/paste error? Being more of an...
  20. jm

    Works for me. How are you using it? If you are using Ext.onReady alone it won't create a viewport so it will just dump the html for those components. Are you on 2.2.1?
  21. Direct will batch together calls if they fall within a specified timeframe
  22. Thanks, Renku. I appreciate your great work. One thing I found that works for my situation is specifying the --eg-iframe config and making the ext references point to the same directory that my app...
  23. Using JSDuck for the first time. It is fantastic. My only issue is the extjs-build directory in the output dir. It gets blown away every time docs are regenerated. Is there a way to specify a...
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    IMO, it is worthwhile to invest in Ext4. The code I have seen in 3 is not nearly as clean as I have seen in 4, even when written by the same developer. It provides a standard way of building an...
  25. You can have the item in your action column, but set the getClass function on the item to hide it based on some value in the record. Similar behavior is done in the basic array grid example to...
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