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    Hi here, I have been using Ext JS 4 for a while,but I got a problem when I try to use"" to save my line chart as PNG image.Because the legend of line chart is written in Chinese ,the image...
  2. So how can I get it working in radar series?
  3. Yes,just like the API doc shows,I've added the following codes to the series

    tips: {
    trackMouse: true,
    width: 80,
    height: 40,
  4. Hi,I'm using Ext-js 4.0.7 here and I can't add tips to a radar chart. I got some exceptions like "storeItem.get() is undefined",I think I need some help here.

    Besides, can I add some line showing...
  5. Is there anyone who can help me?
  6. I'm sorry but what I mean is
    the first record "metric one" is rendered on the right side of the chart ,how can I move it to the top of the chart?
  7. I'm using radar chart to render my data and it's doing fine,but the first record starts from 3 o'clock not 12 o'clock.
    How can I do to make it starts from 12 o'clock?
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