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  1. For some more background, here is what my Viewport looks like (super simple). I also have one really basic model and a proxy that goes with it. No charts, no buttons, fx, menus, drag and drop, etc....
  2. I'm staring to work on a new app and thought I'd give the SDK tools a shot while the app doesn't have many dependencies to see how the tools work.

    When I run create jsb builder the all-classes.js...
  3. I think I've run into the same issue. In my case it's a childNode within the TreeStore that is still marked as dirty after sync runs.

    Haven't found a work-around yet, if anyone has one please...
  4. good catch joakim.dejong that's where the bug is! hope it gets fixed in time for 4.1.
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    Wondering how others are handling situations where you'd like to know if the value of a Model's field changes?

    One solution is to override the Model's afterEdit method.

  6. I use good old fashion CSS overrides for Hub List. Here is my css file.

    /* Replaces default tree node yellow
    folder icon with an OSX style one
    #containerTreePanel .x-tree-icon-parent...
  7. Everything in a TreeStore is a descendant of the root node so you can just grab a node from the store and then call it's destroy method. That will make sure it's parents/siblings get notified that...
  8. Yeah trying to select nodes on render or afterrender doesn't work. As an alternative you can do it when the load event fires on the TreePanel.

    load: function(store, records, success, options) {...
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    thanks for sharing those tips Westy! I decided against the approach I first posted because the app I'm working on will have more than one tree so overriding NodeInterface isn't a viable solution.
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    Right now it doesn't seem like there is a clean way to extend because calls to it are hard coded in, and

    You can't...
  11. glad to see others are finding this helpful! I talked it over with Ed Spencer at the last meetup and he gave me the OK and agreed you should be able to access the application object from the global...
  12. Here's one from the official examples
  13. Setting autoSync to true on a TreeStore doesn't work correctly because when the model/treenode fires afteredit or aftercommit the NodeStore autoSync setting is always false. It should either pickup...
  14. Example: If you update the name of a tree node that's connected to a store + proxy, then call the sync() method of the TreeStore. The Tree will replace the updated node with the record returned from...
  15. after some more experimenting it turns out as long as I add the NodeInterface events I'm interested in inside the model's constructor then I can setup listeners on them before NodeInterface decorates...
  16. When I try to setup listeners for tree node events in my model config I get an error because the model doesn't now about those events until runs and sets up bubbling...
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    I ran into the same issue, getting the error (me.dockedItems is undefined) when using initConfig. The bug appears to be inside applyConfig which is called by initiConfig. But it's actually only...
  18. hey yd, for the time being I decided to go with the approach I outlined here (using application events). It's pretty light-weight and seems to work well until a more solid message bus becomes...
  19. Following up on some good discussions in these threads on application events, I was thinking why not just setup events and listeners on the Application object?

    Only problem, it wasn't available...
  20. marzapower, I'd be interested in learning more about your message bus implementation. I remember seeing a message bus solution floating around for Ext 3 but I haven't seen anything like that for 4.
  21. Let's say your somewhere else in the application, like handling an exception from an ajax call because the user is not logged in. If I want to call a method in my Auth controller to display a login...
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    thanks for sharing the wrapper class steffenk, its convenient.

    I was thinking more along the lines of creating a WebsocketProxy that could be used on Models and Stores similar to AjaxProxy....
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    I've been experimenting with Socket.IO lately and would love to see a smooth integration between Socket.IO and Ext JS. Having fallback support for other transports when Websockets aren't available is...
  24. you right abierbaum that method is missing right now. on the bright side it's a known issue and should make it into a point release soon. for now you'll have to grab the proxy and execute a delete...
  25. Didn't find this posted in the thread but I was able to get the docs working localy without a web server by including the localXHR.js from this thread and the update to that ext-basex from this...
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