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    Anyone found a workaround while there's no fix?

    I don't like getting all those errors in the console when using the official Menu :-?
  2. I'm also experiencing the same bug. It's strange after so many months the bug is still around. No one uses Ext.Menu component? I thought this one would be extremely popular but there are not many...
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    I'd also appreciate it if someone could upload an example with all the techniques that supposedly make sencha touch faster. Please consider to upload some examples. Thanks!
  4. Hi there,

    File ext-all.css packaged in extjs comes with a minor problem.

    I have a grid using Ext.ux.grid.Search plugin. This plugin let's you search the grid.
    The plugin adds an input...
  5. There must be a bug. I get the same behavior in extjs 3.4
    Documentation specifies that the validator function should give the value as parameter.
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