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    Has anyone successfully combined reveal.js with Ext JS?
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    marcoG, do you have this code anywhere else? I can't get into the link you've provided. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone still have the code for this plugin? I can't find it on the Sencha site.

    Thank you.
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    SpaceTree, primarily.
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    Has anyone successfully used an Ext component and had InfoVis "injected" into it? If so, how did you do it?

  6. We have constraints on our database that don't allow an underscore as the first character. I changed everything I could within TreeGrid.js. I hope I found everything.

    Never mind, figured it out.
  7. I have the following:

    var record =[
    {name: 'id'},
    {name: 'parent_id'},
    {name: 'leaf'},
    {name: 'A'},
    {name: 'B'}
  8. Thanks, all. Yes, Crystal Reports, et. al. are good ideas. I was just looking for something that could be incorporated within the app I've written using Ext.

    Great looking can of worms! :))
  9. Oh, yes, I definitely understand that. I guess what I meant it generating the SQL - on the fly - on the client, then passing it back to the server. But the thinking is what to provide the user for...
  10. Has anyone built an ad-hoc reporting tool using Ext, primarily on the client-side? I'm contemplating it, but am still trying to look for ideas for or against, as well as possibilities for reporting...
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    Awesome, thanks!!
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    Forgive the instrusion, but is there any documentation for this ux?

  13. Did you ever find a solution?
  14. Has anyone built treepanel data on the client side, i.e. in javascript? Just wondering if something like this is possible, and the best way to do it, using jsonStores and the like.

    It looks like...
  15. I've been searching everywhere for how to use it, but there appears to be no documentation - unless I just missed it somewhere.

    But I still find it odd that every thread I read about focusRow has...
  16. Everything is already rendered before the user can click on anything. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to run Firefox, so that's out of the question.


    Matt Bittner
  17. I'm trying to select a row in one grid - in the "center" panel of a Viewport - from a user selection on a tab in the "east" panel of the same Viewport. I receive the error:

    "this.focusEl is null...
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    Interesting. Thanks for that, but I'm still hopeful. :)
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    I'm trying to have three blocks of text in my top toolbar only (that is, no buttons, just text). I have the following code in the north region of my viewport:

    tbar: [
  20. Okay, boys and girls. This is a perfect case for proper error handling.

    Turns out my dba was messing around with the tables I was pulling the color from, and the resultant field was null.
  21. Okay, I was a little premature. It works if you type in exactly what you had directly, e.g. set the color to 'black'. However, when you set a variable to 'black' and replace the literal 'black'...
  22. That worked! Awesome, thanks!!

    Matt Bittner
  23. Here's what I have. First, the Viewport has a "north" region I id as "northPanel". Then on 'render' I do the following:

    var tbarEl = Ext.get( 'northPanel' );
    var childEl = tbarEl.child...
  24. This is probably an easy answer, but I've been wracking my brain and can't think of it.

    How can I dynamically change the background color of tbar (and/or bbar, for that matter)? I know the css...
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    Can't, unfortunately, as it's basically on a private domain. I know when you split the screen north and south you can easily control the south based on tabs in the north, but I'm not sure if...
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