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  1. Sorry I didn't understand well. Can you post a more complete example?

    I have a view with this html:

    html: [
    '<div>' +
    '<h3>{here a global...
  2. Ok I'm solved.

    xtype: 'titlebar',
    docked: 'top',
    id: 'myTool',
    listeners: {
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    Ciao Stefano, puoi farlo con il command line, puoi aggiornare all'ultima versione con questo comando:

    npm update -g cordova

    oppure una versione specifica:

    npm install -g cordova@3.4.0
  4. It's possible that there isn't a solution??? Please where I'm wrong??? :(
  5. Thanks to all, you are right MiamiCoder, in the controller it's also easier to manage this. Now I only put the reference id (tooll) to the bar, in the controller:

  6. seems that not even enter in the store.on function. What I need is to manage a single record of my json and see "Something" as the toolbar's title...

    "items": [
  7. Hi to all, I searched for a solution everywhere. I need to load the title of the toolbar dynamically from a JSON because I have several categories that change over time and will be loaded from an...
  8. Hi, I am also interested to this. I have a number of lists relating to different categories and I can't set the title at the beginning but dinamically by a Json.

    How do I set the title of a simple...
  9. Ok I found a solution, thanks to all for suggestions.

    This solution it's good for Sencha Touch v. 2.3.1:

    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
  10. No :( I don't know exactly how to do it. Thanks for the suggestion paulh1971. I upgraded my php file, the first was wrong, but that does not work.

    $to = "";...
  11. Hi paulh1971, thanks for this example. Unfortunately I can not use an aspx file, only php file. Could you give me some suggestions? I'm not familiar with the management of php file, should I...
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    What kind of Slide Navigation Menu are you using? Please link a reference file. Is the .js files in the ux folder.
  13. Thanks for the answer, so this is my opinion, the important thing is that the back event works perfectly when I use the simple views with simple steps to switch from one to another. When I use a...
  14. Hi, this is the correct way to manage the physical back button on Android device:

    I'm using Phonegap 3.3.0 with ST...
  15. Hi, this is the correct way to manage the physical back button on Android device:

    I'm using Phonegap 3.3.0 with ST...
  16. Yes I'm referring to the elements of the list, but this doesn't happen always, only when it's loaded more elements of the list and only on browser or apple device, not with Android. Maybe because I...
  17. Thanks, this solution seems work fine. But I'm having problems when I go back after seeing the detail: for a moment I see all the elements compressed and then everything returns to normal, but I lose...
  18. Hi, I have my app with so many NavigationView in a slide menu, all managed by a tabPanel.
    Now I'm trying some solutions to handle the backButton event for the Android device with PhoneGap, but I'm...
  19. Hi, has anyone ever tried to run the backHistory() in this way?!;

    This helps me to manage the backButton event on Android device with PhoneGap support. Everything...
  20. Sorry, I have understood only now. I should to use this property instead of the "store.load". Do you think it is better to use "infinite: true" if I use more lists with the same itemTpl config?
  21. Hi, thanks. I didn't know this property for lists, however this seems not to work. I remind you that I have set the "autoLoad: false" in the store. I can see the list only if I scroll up because I...
  22. Hi, in my app I use a very large number of lists, and I noticed that the loading is very slow, even though I use the ListPaging plugin.

    So I decided to set tha autoLoad false in the store and set...
  23. Hi, I also use PhoneGap, I recommend it to all.

    Thanks for your example matfin...I have a navigation view and the same problem for the back button event of phonegap.

    I have a...
  24. Damn, sorry for my stupidity, in the controller in that way missed the reference to the view that interest me.
    I found this solution:

    Create a js file:

    function onLoad() {
  25. Not, also because I'm forced to try it on an Android device. However if I don't use this event, the back button get me does out of the app, while if I use the event, the native back button does...
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