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  1. Thanks for the heads up -- but I'm not a big perl person and trying to integrate my 'remote api' testing with the rest of my client application testing ...

    I'm using the jasmine javascript testing...
  2. Is there an easy way to call an Ext.Direct method synchronously? In general I have no need for this but it would make automated testing of my remote method api easier/more straightforward ...

  3. That's exactly correct description.
  4. I've got an issue which could be related to my not understanding the correct sencha workflow for this task (or could be a bug...?).

    I have a button which creates a new model instance, sets the...
  5. Great thanks!

    Was looking for the 'paths' argument to Ext.application()

    as in:

    paths: {'somelib': '../lib/'}
    appFolder: 'app'
  6. What's the standard namespace practice for classes/extensions that are not application specific in ext4?

    I'm making a little port of the 'microfiber' couchdb library (written in python) to extjs4...
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