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  1. Oh lord, it didn't even occur to me that it might be a data issue. I'm used to working in more forgiving languages, I guess I need to write in some string cleaning function for users who can't tell a...
  2. I just wanted to attach the Json file too that this app is using.

    {success: true, records: [{StudentID:1411200, FirstName: 'Elizabeth', LastName: 'Abrams'},
    {StudentID:973008, FirstName:...
  3. I've been looking in the forums and API guides everywhere trying to figure this thing out. I'm sure there is a simple reason why it's not working but here is my question/problem.

    For some reason...
  4. Ok, this is for anyone else that reads this thread and missed the important comment in the documentation like I did. You must first get the form instance

    var basicForm=...
  5. If anyone can help here's what I'm trying to do, I have a grid, with data from my store, if an item is double clicked then a controller handles the event and opens up an edit window, the form loads...
  6. This is the controller event that fires the loadRecord()

    Ext.define('Inters.controller.IntersController', { extend: '',

    views: [
  7. Ok, I tried to update the same record by not specifying a record in updateRecord(), which is supposed to update the same record as passed to loadRecord() and this is what I get.

  8. Thank you for your reply, I did find the solution to one of my questions with the form example.

    I'm curious though, in the update example you gave. It says that the method will update the (model)...
  9. I'm trying to replicate the UI functionality of a Delphi software in a web app, I'm fairly new the ExtJs but no JS. Im having trouble understanding the proper way of separating my views and data. For...
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    I've been reading discussions all day about binding a form/fields to a model, calling loadData(), etc... but I've not really seen any good examples of using this method from within Architect 2.x. My...
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