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  1. Well, that was a rather rude way to put it. But I agree, if I am to build my user components and ui in general, and connect them with my stores using a designer, I should either be able to configure...
  2. Well, they may be a bit behind, but I think they've a good momentum. A quick search for "wp7 ie9" revealed Microsofts plans to release an IE9 cousin for the wp7 giving us the HTML5 support we need...
  3. Indeed. Right now I'm just hoping this will get fleshed out some more by the time it's released, though I guess it's allready released since it's part of Sencha Touch.

    To my way of thinking a web...
  4. So, I'm wondering if this is getting no replies due to the post length, the question being irrelevant to most people, the topic has allready been answered elsewhere and I should have looked there...
  5. Assuming the User->Posts->Comments Model structure described in the API entry, I'm wondering how I should fit the pieces together so that my User-store loads no associated models...
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