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    So your saying that the missing thing here is that I did not add the MyFormPanel1 in the controller Views ?

    But when I do that, it says: MyFormPanel1 is already defined. Do you wish to replace it?...
  2. Will I see that storeID in my listView config for Store, in the Architect 2 config inspector?
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    // Aggravations: Green REPLY TO THREAD still there when posting a quick reply
  4. Still looks the same. I'm posting a quick reply.

    The buttons are:

    [ Post Quick Reply ] [ Go Advanced ] [ Cancel ]
    ........................................................[[ + Reply to...
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    OK Thanks!

    Should I delete the post or leave it and you'll mark it closed?
  6. Exactly. They are right above, instead of in the place they should be.

    You read the main menu and search inside it, and don't realize its ABOVE.

    It took me 5 minutes to stare at the website,...
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    So instructions to reproduce are simpler:

    In Architect 2:

    MainView with two buttons.

    In itemId set to kbBtn1, and the second button's itemId to kbBtn2

    On the first button add Event...
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    The controller code is simply a BUTTON TAP controller action
    tried different selectors, and none worked.

    The code is:

    console.log("button tapped");

    Selectors that I tried: button,...
  9. I saw that. But from an "Architect" standpoint, I didn't know how to implement that.

    Could you spend a few minutes on it, just for insights. You don't need to actually fix the project.

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    I was going to write how simple it is:

    make a new project with a tab bar,
    and on each of the first two tab pages put a button.
    Add a controller
    with an...
  11. Work in progress

    xtype: type of object - cannot be changed in default objects
    can be changed with alias keyword - for extended (user made) objects
    if no alias...
  12. OK, I'll spend some time, hopefully today, and post the faq here.

    Its really confusing.
  13. You get the feeling that the green button will save your edit or reply.
    It erases it, and only if your lucky and smart (like all Sencha developers)
    you'll be able to retrieve the autosaved text,...
  14. Well what do you call missing docs. Its not only with couchDB - that's just the best example of the needed functionality.
    All I need is a cryptic answer on each of the items I wrote. I'll try to...
  15. Better documentation is needed for xtype
    and other id's in order to make it clear for all developers.

    If it exists, link to it from the various products
    --Sencha 2 Touch and Architect lack it....
  16. It is not clear from the main page that Forum is on the the top bar
    Is it not possible to add it for logged in users to the Support.

    Same for Documentation and Learn

    And App Gallery could be...
  17. For Architect 2

    Please give us a simple list of components and steps to get to CouchDB data.
    Maybe with two stores - readOnlyStore and readWriteStore

    Please include

  18. Architect 2 build 422 documentation missing

    Simple Example or Tutorial for Contacts
    or: Simple Example or Tutorial for "on the fly" data
    or: Simple Example for ActionMethods override

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    Architect Build tested:

    Build: 442
    Project Type:

    Touch 2.x
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    Button TAP event on Tab change

    Architect Build tested:

    (2.0.0) Build: 442
    Project Type:

    Touch 2.x
  21. One in the metadata, one in the .js

    Did you remove them from both?
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    After loading json into store, the data shows with a mistake (it was able to read the json with the mistake).

    When the json file is updated, calling Load Data on the store brings up the old data...
  23. The contacts.json is not found (on the website) anymore, so the project does not load.

    Could you tell us how it looks?

    Contacts: {
    { name: "Mickey", family:...
  24. I convert a button's basic (tap) event binding to a controller with a name I gave it (via alias).
    It was writing to the console and now doesn't. Version Architect 442.

  25. Sencha 2.1

    You have to change the actionMethods property in the Rest Proxy.
    Define a function name for the Create, Read, Update and Delete
    and implement the functions.
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