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  1. The only way you could add a custom feature would be to add the one it inherits from and configure the createAlias. This will change the ftype in the generated code. You can then add any custom...
  2. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  3. It's not yet available but we've had discussions about putting this into Cmd in the future.
  4. Yes, agreed. The js and css that gets left behind and causes the mixed-mode error is a bug in Cmd and affects all projects (Architect and non-Architect) projects.
  5. Exactly, you were replacing the viewConfig with only loadMask when you needed to just add it.

    you could also future proof that by doing

    config.viewConfig = config.viewConfig || {};...
  6. Yes, please send it over to at along with a link to this thread and detailed steps to reproduce.
  7. Bruce -

    Nothing springs to mind, can you create a small example that illustrates the issue?
  8. This has been fixed for the 3.2.x branch.

    It was originally reported here, in the interim you can just use the arguments.

    Just access the...
  9. This is definitely a bug. Params should be parsed out of the action that is specified and it should append the argument action.

    You would not need to define your own parameters (Aside from when...
  10. Regarding alias/xtype it has been the convention to be all lowercase since before Ext JS 1.0.

    People who care about having additional bloat in the code may care about setting things that aren't...
  11. The userClassName should stay with mixed case.

    The userAlias should be all lowercase, consistent with framework conventions.

    Automatically setting reference and itemId certainly would not be...
  12. Certainly possible, we may have had a minor blip on the server-side.
  13. This change was made when refactoring the inspector and going to a split pane with the ability to do packages. We currently don't have intent to change this.
  14. You can take a look at the RegEx we use here search for "url ="

    If you aren't looking for the http scheme to be...
  15. What is the conflict? Most of the devs here on OS X 10.9.5 as well and we haven't seen an issue like this.
  16. We had a bug a long time ago that had to do with not migrating data from old versions properly.

    Check this thread out....
  17. This should not be happening and I haven't seen any other reports of it happening.

    Did you customize your app.json? Have you run any sencha cmd statements from the commandline?
  18. We have an upcoming release in the 3.1.x series that addresses many of the grey screen of death issues.

    Marc I have not seen any other applications affected so this may be a separate issue.
  19. But that doesn't explain the hanging problem... :-/
  20. I can't reproduce it with a similar configuration.

    We had a support ticket that indicated they were having problems when opening a standard Ext JS 3.x app and having some issue in the date...
  21. We tried to reproduce an environment by installing KB2998527 and setting to this timezone with Daylight savings time enabled.

    Everything is running fine here.

    I did however notice this post:...
  22. Send it to at and please include a link to this thread.
  23. And you installed the JDK?
  24. Sorry I see that from the original post.

    Let me check with the Cmd team
  25. Did you set the JAVA_HOME path?
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