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  1. Any comment or experience of this framework?
  2. Create an application with Architect 2.2.3, loading the application in IE9 works fine, but failure in IE 8 with debug information like the attachment: 47431
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    I have an application, working fine in IE9 but fail to be loaded in IE8.

    try Ext JS 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 same error as:

    Line: 21766
    Error: Invalid argument.

    Using different version Ext JS like...
  5. I add DIR name to class, like Myapp.view.desktop.Main, but this give errors.

    I solve it by

    enabled: true,
    paths: {
  6. typically, Sencha requires app file structure as the following, the framework will hook controller, view automatically.

    -- controller
    -- model
    -- store
    -- view

    Is that...
  7. I create an empty project by Architect 3, the file structure like:47096

    This looks like to heavy for me to manage in SVN. Is there a way to create an empty project like Architect 2.2.3 structure :...
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    Create refs in controller which is not referred in this.control:

    refs: [
    ref: 'settingsPage',
    selector: '#extsettingspage'
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    This is the one which can't move Panel2 on top of Panel1.
  10. You are right.It catches 'painted'.
    But why adding 'top', 'left' configuration in panel impact 'show' work and require to use 'painted'?
  11. change move as:
    mypanel.on('move', function() {alert('move');}); still not working
  12. I add tap,resize and move event to a panel, but only tap working. Any idea?

    thanks ahead.

    I think add customize events is hard part, for example, the following code tap working but not for the
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    I have two panels define as float panel. but why panel2 can't move up to its initial height?
    (I want to keep the order of one on top of another.)

    <!doctype html>
  14. Re-post code

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8"/>
    <link rel="stylesheet"...
  15. Copy, paster the following code in a HTML page, questions:
    1] if uncomment the lines top:300 and left:300, there isn't any show event and panel background become white why?
    2] why 'border' property...
  16. yes, you're right. Verified it works with a simple Sencha application.(using QT 5.11 to build web browser, but not working for QtWeb version 3.8.5 ).
  17. Any support to Qt Web browser (webkit web engine)?


  18. Yes, I looked those. When I create new components and put them in different panel/dataview/list they are hard to drag across panels/dataviews/lists. Do you have any ideas about that?

  19. Where can I get the source of the portal you referred to?

    By the way, after 5.x, Sencha may use 2-in-one API instead of 2 separate libraries, right?

  20. Sencha Touch Dev team,

    I have a project need drag and drop in tablet, can anyone tell me when this useful functionality will be put in touch (still not in 2.3)? What's options can do without API...
  21. Thanks for your reply. where can I get the source of the portal link?

    As to Sencha touch, 5.x release means touch 2.5 (current is 2.3)? What's the hardest part for touch can't put in DD right now...
  22. I want to create a container with many components where I can manage their zIndex so as to bringToFront or sendToBack( comp ) to control the components.

    From API doc. find Ext.util.Floating is for...
  23. evant,

    Could you point me in the attached sample code( working sample), how can it works if replace inline CSS style to <style> </style> section? especially how {color} can be passed into <style>...
  24. Ok thanks, Got it.

    Another issue, each time make change in architect 2.2.1 and save, the app.html is flushed, and have to move touch src and css link on top of Ext=Ext ||{}; otherwise giving...
  25. Without store the dataview won't display default tpl value?
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