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  1. I changed server API so it returns not only raw data but also 'success' property, that also solves the problem.
  2. It got fixed by returning empty ResultSet, with 0 members, BUT, status is set to false, so if you have some items in your store, and server response returns [], old entries from your store are not...
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    Thank you for your answer.

    Just to mention that!/guide/native_packaging instructs to use
    sencha package run <configFile.json> to build native App, and it has...
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    As many others here I've got stuck on the problem with android app hangs on loading screen (three dots).
    At the same time, application works ok in desktop browser, iOS simulator / browser, android...
  5. Can we propagate these events to container somehow? Or is it impossible for now to have scrollable iframe inside the application?
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