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    Art Landro, the new CEO Sencha hired in June, was formerly the CEO of Cordy. He led that company to an acquisition in 2013. Sequoia Capital has put a lot of money into Sencha. The VCs are looking for...
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    I click Project Settings Framework Enable. I click the Complete radio button. What am I browsing to?
    Everything i have tried so far just disappears.
    Also if I try clicking Commercial and then Save...
  3. Anything new on this yet?
  4. I am just starting to work with websockets so i don't know much about them yet. Would this create a new websocket connection for each store then?
  5. Upgraded and it works fine now
  6. I am trying to use the TabReorderer code in ExtJS 4.1 and it doesnt seem to work right. If I click on a tab I cant drag it left or right. Strangely if I drag down the tab will disappear down.
  7. Then shouldn't it fire again if the store changes? That way I could ignore it if the length is zero.
  8. It would be good to have this built in as a config. Since the drag and drop part is a plugin the only way I can style it (without globally styling them as above) is to do this
  9. Thanks. This did the trick where empty.png is a 1x1 transparent image.

    .x-grid-drop-indicator .x-grid-drop-indicator-left {
    background-image: url(../images/empty.png);
  10. I am using two grids where one is the dragable and the other the dropable. This works fine but I was wondering if there was a way to alter the way it looks. When I drag a row over my dropable row the...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2 GA
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 25
  12. That is not what the documentation says. The only way to select a default row is if the event always fires after the load event.
  13. This seems like a bug it worked the opposite way in 4.1 and the documentation says

    viewready: Fires when the grid view is available (use this for selecting a default row).

    You can't select a...
  14. I guess this extension has become unsupported :(
  15. Has anyone used this with queryMode: 'remote'? I am having trouble.
    First it tries to do a load when it is instantiating which fails because query is not being sent. Then when I type in the field it...
  16. I am trying to use this for multiple emails with auto-suggest using a remote store. If I have two fields (To and CC) and I type an unknown value in the first and tab to the second and enter the...
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    Is there a way to embed the grid right on the page and then if someone drags a file to the grid it gets added?
    (without the need to popup the window)
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    That did it. I never would have thought MoveFirst would be the name for the method. It should be SetPage or something similar. Thanks for the help.
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    The total returned is correct.

    I need to reset the start param so it gets the first ten records (which it does) instead of the second ten. Everything on the server side is working correctly. The...
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    I am using a paging toolbar and if I manually click to the second page it works fine but if I then issue a
    store().load({params:{start:0,limit:10}}); the load works correctly, the first 10 records...
  21. Ah. It was also reported a while ago here
  22. This is still broken in the latest version (v2.1.0 build 588)
  23. I have the same issue. Any fix for this?
  24. I am seeing the same thing on the iPhone
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    I hope that is not the only solution. I just found another place, at least if I am using 4.10, on Date columns I want to set the renderer but I can't. Strangely that works in 4.07.
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