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    Probabky never :s
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    What about ExtJS 3.4?
    I am in a load of trouble here and upgrading to 4.1 isn't an option
  3. YSlow for this very thread gives me a score of 71 with many "F" Grades in there :D
  4. Oh i don't i was just kidding :D
  5. My bug might be related?
  6. This happend in Chrome on my Win7 Box, FF 4 is fine.
    Sorry to answer my own thread instead of editing, but the freaking Forum is in Japanse, which i speak very poorly ^^
  7. Comparing the Buffered Grid examples in 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 RC 3 i found out that when you sort by any column the 4.0.2 Version will clip off a small part of the first row (scrollbar is on top, yet the...
  8. Ha, thx for helping me fix a 6 month old bugtracker suggestion
  9. OMFG Lol... most epic typo ever :-) Good way to end my week. Happy new year to you Condor :-)
  10. getCellEditor is your Friend, reading the Docs doubly so.
  11. Finally! Any word on the availibillity of 3.3.2 yet?
  12. Good point but in my DataView Extend (that's what i'm going to build) the lookup for the renderedRecords will be built up based on Record id, not on position in the store.

    At least that's my evil...
  13. Nope but a plugin called RowSelectionPaging
  14. Condor, i know my type of usage is "a bit off", but why is this assumption made in the first place?

    One could earn the DataView quite a bit more flexibillity by filtering out the unneeded stuff at...
  15. Ext.override(Ext.DataView,
    onUpdate : function(ds, record)
    var index =;
    if(index > -1)
    var node =...
  16. Hello Community,
    i think i found a bug in ExtJS once more :-)

    I have a setup with a BorderLayout where to the left is a grid which is searchable,
    and to the Right there is a DataView which i...
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    Really really really good to hear that!
  18. Maybe u'll find the slow part is the rendering of the grid.
    Try using the Ext.list.ListView then instead of the Grid.

    If performance is key and many rows are needed the stock ExtJS Grid is a bad...
  19. Use an ArrayStore, gzip and minify your responses, or maybe use the offline Ext.ux.PagingStore @Condor created to get rid of server roundtrips completly.
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    If i understand correcly you want to create "own" events.
    Just put a listener to "myEvent" on your panel like

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    I'm using a different approach, which is working fine for me but might not be best practice tough :-)

    AppGlobalScope.broadcastEvents = function(events)
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    @edspencer The typical Ext-User is used to working with an verbose API anyway (just kidding)
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    @animal of course i can do it this way, but for consistency it would've been nice to have it built directly into the form.
    @mankz, didn't even know that plugin existed, thanks.
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    Will some kind of asynchronous validation be possible for forms? (e.g. check if a username is taken already via an Ext.Ajax roundtrip)
  25. *mercyless bump* Any update on this?
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