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  1. All right, we got it working as desired. Not pretty, but it works.

    First, the definition of the custom Combo box (really a preconfigured class). It is defined as a new type so that it can be...
  2. Same problem here. I want the following behavior for the combo: allow the user to either have blank (or delete a value if one is selected), or choose a value from the list. Is there no way to...
  3. OK, I think I figured out a way to get this to submit the "raw" (i.e. unformatted, numeric-only) value. And I think you were on the right track with processRawValue, brittongr. At least it appears...
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    Have you tried simply;?
  5. This problem has been very annoying for us as well. The only solution I've found is to patch the Combobox class's `setValue` function. Only the portion that has changed from the 4.0.7 source is...
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