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  1. Use the blur and focus events to manipulate the data that's been input in the control.

    Use a NumberField, which is avail. in ExtJS3 but seems to be gone in version 4 and add/remove dashes at...
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    I'm using this model defined here:

    Ext.define("chartPoint", {
    extend: "",
    fields: [
  3. Anyone with the same issue ? Is it my model definition that's wrong ? It seems to be as per the documentation...
  4. According to Chrome's debugger, the problem is in there (ext-all-debug.js, line 41809), the red line:

    calcEnds: function() {
    var me = this,
    math = Math,
    mmax =...
  5. Hi guys,

    First off, I want to give my congrats to the ExtJS team for putting up this kick ass release. Hats off.

    Now, to the problem :)

    Here's my chart, it's not very customized for the...

    :-/ ?
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    Is there any policy against bumping my thread ?

    Anyways, I'd be very grateful if someone could help.
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    Nobody has an idea ? :(
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    Hi there,

    Is it possible to populate an XmlStore without having to list all nodes in the fields config option of its XmlReader ? Basically, to tell XmlReader to grab all what is avail. in the XML...
  10. Anyways, I chickened out, here's what I did

    selectedListsStore.each(function (r) {
    Ext.getCmp("completeForm").add({xtype: "hidden", id:"selectedLists", value:["display_name"]});...
  11. myArray[] = "Hey";

    Doesn't work. "Unexpected token ]"

    Looks like this is for PHP only.
  12. Riiiight, same as in PHP. Sorry, JS is not the first language I learnt...
  13. So what I need is:

    params: {
    listViewItems[0]["id"] = 1,
    listViewItems[0]["name"] = "Whatever",
    listViewItems[1]["id"] = 2,
  14. There is more than 1 record in the store.

    So, this is what I did. The paramObj is an array of objects, so here it is:

    paramObj = Ext.encode(paramObj);...
  15. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for the heads up regarding this. Once again, your posts prove very useful.

    I tried your suggestion:

    var paramObj = [];
  16. So I've been looking around for ways to serialize a store to XML (since my crappy classic ASP backend does not really handle JSON very well) and I've found a few things, as nice as the posters were...
  17. Actually, I was passing TOO MUCH arguments.

    Had it wrong.


    Works fine in all browsers
  18. The problem is that this store cannot have a writer AFAIK. The writer will complain about the store not having an URL, which is obviously OK since it is a local store with a MemoryProxy. But I need...
  19. Actually, it works but the panel does not expand any more. No anim.

    Here's what I did:

    //Copy the original method so we can call it later
    var originalExpand =...
  20. Jeesss... Sorry about that, overriding only works for methods, not events. At least when I changed "beforeexpend" to "expand" (the method) it worked!

  21. Hi!

    I remember using event override's before, but this time, I've been banging my head on the monitor for too long.

    Tell me if I'm wrong, but this should work.

  22. Thanks for your input.

    I'll look into your suggestions.
  23. Locally. But I used a MemoryProxy and it worked fine

    This is the store:

    var selectedListsStore = new{
    idProperty: "id",
    proxy: new[]),...
  24. So it's a problem with my code ? Those components _should_ be returned by getFieldValues() ?

    OK, let me anonymize the code and I'll post it up.
  25. Hi there,

    I've been struggling to get those kind of components to post their data when the form submits.

    If I get it right, the object returned by getFieldValues() should show me what the...
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