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  1. =D>Perfect!
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    Is there a simple way I can draw horizontal or vertical lines on a chart at specified x or y axis points? For example, I need to draw a horizontal line to represent thresholds, or vertical lines to...
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    Is there a solution for this yet in Ext 4.0??
    I have multiple series that I'd like to chart all with the same x-axis and y-axis, however they have variable x-axis data points. ie:
  4. I updated from pr2 to pr4 and all good now.

  5. I'm having a similar problem with Numeric X-Axis. I tried the example above and also found that the chart shows not line data on Chrome and Firefox. And similarly, If i used the alternate data set,...
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    I have an editor grid store with a httpProxy and jsonWriter to use when saving grid store. This is working ok, but where do I configure a callback to check the success of the save ? I've tried...
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