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    Here an Ext 4.2.1 version which mostly works:

    Ext.define ("Ext.ux.view.BoundList", {
    override: "Ext.view.BoundList",

    * @cfg {Boolean} reload
    * Show reload button.
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    To avoid having to huntdown the latest ExtJS 4.2 patches, I've put it all on github:
  3. Thanks for the explanation Mitchell! I've persisted a bit more, and now understand how it works.

    To use it is 2 steps: create repeater, and bind to its tap event.

    var repeater = Ext.create...
  4. Hi Sencha, when trying to use Ext.util.TapRepeater it seems this class doesn't actually do anything. I.e. where is the code that calls updateEl to bind the event to the element? I might be missing...
  5. Same problem here...

    Composite fields have quite a few issues it appears, as this is the Xth problem I have with them.
  6. Exactly same issue here. Whatever I've tried so far, hasn't worked.
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    And the resolution is that I didn't have a

    type: "date"

    property in my definition.
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    Exactly the same thing here. Get NaN/NaN/NaN. Input is Y-m-d (in the XML passed in), record definition has dateFormat: "Y-m-d"; renderer should display it in d-m-Y just as above.

    But doesn't work.
  9. Just tried this. But it is not a good solution, as it looks like text, but it isn't. When you try to select text with the mouse for example, it doesn't work (FF 3.1 on Linux). It's much better to...
  10. Tried this fix with ExtJS 2.2 as I seem to have exactly the same issue, but it didn't work for me. I tried it with IE 6 however, so perhaps IE7 works.
  11. Unfortunately the patch doesn't work in my case. I've a GridPanel embedded in a tab panel. Only setting an explicit height gets my both the horizontal and vertical scrollbar. autoHeight gets a grid...
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    Does anyone have a link to the latest version of this datetime control? I wrote something myself, but better to use something that might become official.
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    That's why I put up the second version to avoid people thinking it's the load time. Unfortunately that is not the issue here.

    Just try the second version and you'll see nothing is loaded this time...
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    Hi Guys,

    I've put up a better example, with two buttons, so it's clear it's not the load time, nor the JS parse time that's the issue, but only the render time:

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    Hi Guys,

    Yesterday I encountered a show stopper in an applilcation with close to 400 fields. I've put up a sample application here:
  16. Great stuff Brian. Thanks for a responsive ExtJS team. I definitively made a good choice when selecting ExtJS for my applications.
  17. Sorry, visit these forums only irregularly.

    Brian, I'm using the override of and that does exactly what I need.


  18. Hi Guys,

    Trying to make an app work with IE6. Huge pain, surprisingly ExtJS doesn't give a developer more support in writing browser independent code.

    Anyway, stumbled upon this issue. You will...
  19. Found the solution. If I put:

    hideMode: 'offsets'

    in the tabpanel, it works.

    (my tabpanel had two tabs with xtype form and both forms had an HTML editor).

    Now all form data is loaded in...
  20. Please, can we get some response on this? Lots of posts on this issue. But no solutions.
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    Same problem here. Also need deferredRender and have the HTMLEditor in a tab. Uncaught exception in anything using gecko.
  22. Hi Guys,

    I have a form with a combox, where the combobox potentially can have a lot of data. And often the user might not want to open the combobox. It appears that if you load the form with XML...
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    In there is no link to the not minified
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    The docs for Action.failureType are weird. Contents is:

    The type of failure detected. See {@link #Ext.form.Action-Action.CLIENT_INVALID CLIENT_INVALID}, {@link...
  25. Really? So a request like "/customers?=", yes that what it looks like, is a sane request?
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