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    You can fight as much as you want, you can blame them, you can do whatever you want, but in the end you won't receive any answer. This is a long topic. You just sit and wait. Nothing else can be do....
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    Yeah, almost 45 days has past since the Beta 1 release and we have not any news about a second beta or GA release...
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    @mitchellsimoens Do you have any news about the new Beta release? In yesterday webinar, there was some kind of declaration made? Thanks for the info.
  4. Is not the same. In the same ticket-app you could see a requires declaration like this: 'Ticket.model.*' where all models are preloaded in the app.json file after running sencha app build. I guess...
  5. The Customer model must be already preloaded, remember this is the KitchenSink example. Maybe for the sake of the example should be made explicity, but isn't necesary. The customers store, on the...
  6. So the ! is smarth enought to know when there is a boolean value or and empty array. I guess it use something like Ext.isEmpty or the likes. Nice to know
  7. The {gridPanel.selection} statement return an array of, and "count" is not a valid array method, so that's why is wrong. I think you can't do something like this:...
  8. I've been looking for it without success. Theorically, it should be solved with the app.json that generate the Ext.manifest, but after trying many times, I give up and went for an easier solution. ...
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    It seems is in "yet to be writen state"...
  10. evant, thanks for your reply but that's not what I mean. The grid won't be an item in the window. The window will have a form with fields for creating a new record for the grid. The grid could be an...
  11. I create this post and I think it could be interesting:
  12. This is a very common use case. I have a grid in a view, the view have it's VM and VC, I define the grid store using the stores VM config.
    I'd like to add a record to the grid store, using a...
  13. But that neither solve the problem, because in the windowcontroller I don't have a way to access the grid controller. That's why I thought about using the events for this. But there should be...
  14. The problem is I don't think the record knows about the store, you must add it to it by yourself.
  15. That's more logical, but I've already use the method, but for some reason it doesn't add to the store. I need to re-check to see if I'm doing something wrong.
  16. I even have another use case I'll been thinking about. In the ticketapp example, there are no creation of record, so I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong. When creating new records for a grid with...
  17. Yeah, then all of the will listen to that event. But that not a problem, that is just a bad use of the feature. The same will happend if you subscribe from several Ext4.2 Controller classes to one...
  18. And what about the use case I previously posted. That's the one used in the ticketapp example.
  19. If you spend some more time in that example you will discover some use cases. I myself already use it.
    For example, I have the classic viewport with the tree menu and the tab for the views, a VC...
  20. you can look at the ticketapp in the examples folder, there you can find how to fire events from VC and catch the on other VC. That example is the best one you can find for...
  21. I have the same problem in my app, so there are two of us.
  22. Thanks evant
  23. I create a new project to check the error. I'm not sure if it is a bug or not, but it annoys me not being able to set listeners on a defined class. The workaround I use is using a container for the...
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    The Beta was released yesterday. Now come the feedback process, stabilization, they also have some know issues they must solve, update the docs, create some new guides... I guess it will take a month...
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    Thanks! That's good enought for now! The guides are no problem, I can read them online, but the API not.
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