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    Question Anyone has experience using Watir to click on a SimpleComboBox?

    Anyone has experience using Watir to click on a SimpleComboBox?

    It appears the HTML doesnt use SELECT/OPTION format -- i see divs instead and I cant select it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    <div tabindex="-1" class="x-form-item">
        <label class="x-form-item-label" style="width: 120px;" for="x-auto-689-input">Protocol:</label>
        <div style="padding-left: 125px;" id="x-form-el-x-auto-689" class="x-form-element">
            <div class="x-form-field-wrap  x-component  x-trigger-wrap-focus" id="x-auto-689" style="width: 221px;">
                <input type="text" class="x-form-field x-form-text x-triggerfield-noedit  x-form-focus" id="x-auto-689-input" tabindex="0" readonly="" autocomplete="off" style="width: 204px;">
                    <img class="x-form-trigger x-form-trigger-arrow " src="https://xxxxx:8443/UI/clear.gif" id="x-auto-690">
        <div class="x-form-clear-left">
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    Default I got it working...

    I got it working...

    My syntax might be a little different from yours but this is how i got my EXTJS combo selection to work:

    @browser.text_field(:id,"companyComboBox-inputEl").send_keys :tab


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