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    Default [OPEN-1260] Ext.id method errors when passed DOM node of type textnode

    [OPEN-1260] Ext.id method errors when passed DOM node of type textnode

    Bug report for ExtJS 3.2.2

    if Ext.EventManager.purgeElement (recursive param set to true) is passed a DOM element that contains a DOM element childNode of nodeType 3 (textNode), the result is IE hanging forever, or an "Object method or property not found" exception.

    line numbers may be off

    Stack trace:
    ......var id = getId(el) //line 2323 of ext-all-debug.js
    .................id = Ext.id(el); //line 1950 of ext-all-debug.js
    ......................el.id = (prefix || "ext-gen") + (++idSeed);   //line 111 of ext-base-debug.js

    Instead of calling purgeElement directly with a DOM element (which may only be intended to receive Ext.Element as param), the other way this is triggered is via a call to removeNode when enableNestedListenerRemoval is true.

    Ext.enableNestedListenerRemoval = true;
    Ext.removeNode(domNode); //where domNode has at least one textNode child
    If formDiv contains a textNode element, the error is triggered.

    in Ext.removeNode, line 346 of ext-base-debug.js appears to indicate a DOM element CAN be passed to Ext.EventManager.purgeElement. The ExtJS docs specify the node param as type: HTMLElement.
    if(n && n.parentNode && n.tagName != 'BODY'){
                 (Ext.enableNestedListenerRemoval) ? Ext.EventManager.purgeElement(n, true) : Ext.EventManager.removeAll(n);
                    delete Ext.elCache[n.id];


    Either avoid passing DOM nodes to Ext.EventManager.purgeElement or avoid trying to illegally set the id of a textNode by adding this code to the Ext.id method.

       id : function(el, prefix){
                el = Ext.getDom(el, true) || {};
                //begin new code
                //Ensure this node isn't a textnode
                if(el.nodeName && el.nodeType === 3)
                //end new code
                if (!el.id) {
                    el.id = (prefix || "ext-gen") + (++idSeed);
                return el.id;

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    Default I confirm the same issue

    I confirm the same issue

    However, it seems to only error in Internet Explorer. Firefox and Chrome seem to be okay with it.

    Any word on a fix or workaround other than changes ext-all ourselves (which is working for now).

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    Default quick fix

    quick fix

    Use the following code to override "Ext.id", I don't want to modify ext-base.js directly.
    Ext.origId = Ext.id;
    Ext.apply(Ext, {
        id: function(el, prefix) {
            el = Ext.getDom(el, true) || {};
            if(el.nodeName && el.nodeType === 3) {
            else {
                return Ext.origId(el, prefix);

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