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    Default [3.3.0-RC][FIXED-1298] win.resizer is undefined

    [3.3.0-RC][FIXED-1298] win.resizer is undefined

    File: /examples/desktop/js/Desktop.js
    Lines: 64-65
            win.resizer.widthIncrement = this.xTickSize;
            win.resizer.heightIncrement = this.yTickSize;
    This error appears when the window has resizable set to false in which case Ext.Window doesn't assign the resizer property.

            if (win.resizer) {
                win.resizer.widthIncrement = this.xTickSize;
                win.resizer.heightIncrement = this.yTickSize;

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    [type]: fix
    [module]: Examples
    [id]: #1298
    [desc]: Fixes #1298. Fixup a few jslint issues, add a check for resizer.

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