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    Cool BasicForm.reset: Resets to default values?

    BasicForm.reset: Resets to default values?

    If I have a form without any values / defaults declared and I .getForm().setValues() on it before I show the form, those values become defaults. Why?

    Here's a sample demo. If you click "Show the window" first, then the buttons work. If you click "Load some values" first, then the form never seems to reset no matter what button you click after that.


    Ext.onReady(function () {
    	var mWin = new Ext.Window({
    		title: "My Window",
    		width: 350,
    		padding: 10,
    		height: 200,
    		border: false,
    		modal: true,
    		resizable: false,
    		layout: 'fit',
    		closeAction: 'hide',
    		listeners: {
    			hide: function() {
    			xtype: 'form',
    			labelWidth: 150,
    			defaults: {
    				width: 150
    				xtype: 'textarea',
    				fieldLabel: 'Why?',
    				name: 'why'
    			}, {
    				xtype: 'numberfield',
    				fieldLabel: "How many?",
    				name: 'how'
    	var bWin = new Ext.Window({
    		width: 250,
    		height: 150,
    		resizable: false,
    		layout: 'fit',
    		title: 'This is a test.',
    		items: [{
    			xtype: 'label',
    			text: 'This is only a test'
    			text: 'Show the window',
    			handler: function() {;
    		}, {
    			text: 'Load Some Values',
    			handler: function() {
    				var bForm = mWin.items.get(0).getForm();
    					'why': 'I think',
    					'how': 42
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