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    Default qtip in compositefield

    qtip in compositefield

    How do you make qtip for labels in a compositefield, is this possible?

    For a regular texfield, it would have been something like this:

    PHP Code:
    xtype 'textfield',
    fieldLabel'<span ext:qtip="This is the title">'title +'</span>'
    However, the same approach doesn't work in a label inside a compositefield:

    PHP Code:
    xtype 'label',
    style'padding-top : 4',
    text '<span ext:qtip="This is the title">'title +':' +'</span>' 

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    It is possible, but you have to use Ext.QuickTips:

      xtype: 'compositefield',
      fieldLabel: 'I am the label',
      items: [ ... whatever ... ],
      listeners: {
        'render': function(c){
            target: c.label,
            text: 'I am the hint text displayed on mouse over'
        scope: this
    Remember to call Ext.QuickTips.init(); during application init.

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