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    Default Looking for information on panel management

    Looking for information on panel management

    I am still very new to Ext so my wording my be a bit off. I am looking for documentation on how to handle/manage panels within a viewport. I have had pretty good success developing my layout, but now I am working on the center region and concerned about panel management. Specifically looking for documentation regarding:

    1) panel id tracking
    2) hide vs. destroy
    3) general viewport/panel best practices


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    For item one, here's a great video from Jay Garcia on the dangers of hard coded IDs and the user of Ext.getCmp().


    Item two depends on a lot of factors, including application architecture. My rule of thumb is, if a component is routinely used throughout an application, I tend to hide it. Little used/administrative features I tend to destroy when a user finishes with them. Strictly my opinion, take it for what it's worth.

    Item three, I tend to use a single-page interface, with a Viewport configured with a border layout. I assign a collapsible navigation/menu tree to the west region and a TabPanel in the center region, where the majority of the application functionality is housed.

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