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    Default Cannot type text in HtmlEditor with Chrome

    Cannot type text in HtmlEditor with Chrome

    I only can type text under chrome in Source Mode but in HTML mode, nothing is displayed if it's bind to a Bean and no way to type text.
    With Firefox I can type text into a htmlEditor

    Tested under Win 7 32 and Linux Opensuse 11.3 64.

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    Default URGENT:HTML Editor chrome issue

    URGENT:HTML Editor chrome issue

    We have a window with many tabs and one of the tab is having html editor component. This window has a minimize button. We have two issues with htmleditor when using chrome browser:
    1. minimizing and maximizing the window, the user is not allowed to modify the html editor content.
    2. minimizing and maximizing the window the html editor content disappears.
    Also there is a combobox just above this htmleditor, which provides different templates for the htmleditor.
    Thanking You,

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