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    Default [DUP][FIXED]PagerToolbar keeps paging images in disabled state

    [DUP][FIXED]PagerToolbar keeps paging images in disabled state

    I am trying out Ext 4 and i ran into something it think is a bug.
    I have hooked up a JsonStore into a grid. I added the PagingToolbar to the DockedItems.

    When the store is initialized and the data is loaded, the images on the PagingToolbar remain greyed out.
    The image click handlers operate properly, but the inactive state remains on the elements.


    var resourceJsonProxy = new{
                url: '/Resource/GetResources',
                model: 'ResourceItem',
                reader: {
                    type: 'json',
                    root: 'Data',
                    totalProperty: 'RecordCount',
                    messageProperty: 'ErrorMessage',
                    successProperty: 'Success'
                actionMethods: {
                    create: 'POST',
                    read: 'POST',
                    update: 'POST',
                    destroy: 'POST'
            var resourceStore = new{
                remoteSort: true,
                remoteFilter: true,
                sortOnLoad: true,
                startParam: 'Start',
                limitParam: 'Limit',
                sortParam: 'Sort',
                filterParam: 'Filter',
                sortInfo: {
                    property: 'ResourcePath',
                    direction: 'ASC'
                model: 'ResourceItem',
                proxy: resourceJsonProxy,
                listeners: {
                    load: this.onLoad,
                    scope: this
            var pageSize = 25;
            Ext.apply(this, {
                cls: 'resource-grid',
                store: resourceStore,
                dockedItems: [
                    new Ext.PagingToolbar({
                        store: resourceStore,
                        displayInfo: true,
                        displayMsg: 'Displaying resources {0} - {1} of {2}',
                        emptyMsg: "No resources to display",
                        pageSize: pageSize,
                        prependButtons: true
                items: [{
                    itemId: 'resource-grid',
                    plugins: [{
                        pluginId: 'preview',
                        ptype: 'preview',
                        bodyField: 'ResourceValue',
                        previewExpanded: false
                    headers: [{
                        text: 'Resource',
                        dataIndex: 'ResourcePath',
                        flex: 1,
                        renderer: this.formatTitle
                    }, {
                        text: 'Culture',
                        dataIndex: 'CultureCode',
                        hidden: true,
                        width: 200
                    viewConfig: {
                        listeners: {
                            scope: this,
                            dblclick: this.onRowDblClick

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    Thumbs up

    After some more browsing i noticed this was already fixed.

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